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    Based on the information published by and, I thought it would be interesting to look at November’s sales from a macro level, instead of the estimated sales on specific books.

    Unit sales
    DC took the top spot in unit sales, with the DCeased HC. They had one other entry in the Top 10; the Superman Year One HC, which ranked at #5.

    Their two books in the Top 10 had combined sales estimated of 8,061 copies. Combined estimated sales for all Top 10 books was 34,490.

    In the Top 500 best-selling titles, DC was the market leader with 29% of all unit sales. In terms of numbers, that’s an estimated 87,431 books. In comparison, Marvel's estimated sales in the Top 500 was 63,497 units. It seems that while DC didn’t do gangbusters at the top of the chart, they picked up business lower down.

    I should just mention that there were sales outside the Top 500, but the information isn't available to us. So it isn't an accurate picture of the entire trade/HC market, but it gives us a good idea.

    Dollar sales
    Considering revenue is what DC (presumably) bases their publishing decisions on, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at the available stats on dollar sales as well.

    DC took 7 of the Top 10 slots when it comes to what sales in terms of dollars. They were:
    #2 – Crisis on Infinite Earths Box set ($500 cover price)
    #3 – Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Volume 1 ($100 cover price)
    #4 – Dceased HC ($30 cover price)
    #5 – Doom Patrol Bronze Age Omnibus ($100 cover price)
    #6 – Superman Year One HC ($30 cover price)
    #8 – Batman by Snyder & Capullo Omnibus Vol 1 ($100 cover price)
    #9 – New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol 4 ($100 cover price)

    Unfortunately, there’s not a lot more we can look at in terms of dollar sales, because we only get the rankings, and not the actual sales values.

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    Did anyone purchase the Superman Year One by Miller & Romita Jr HC? Am I right in understanding from several pages back that this is an oversized HC, slightly bigger than the Deluxes but smaller than the Absolutes? Does anyone have any pics to post and any thoughts?

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