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    Quote Originally Posted by Graphic Autist View Post
    Looks to have the exact same page count as the 30th Anniversary Deluxe, so I'm guessing it has the exact same material.

    And I'm wondering about the Final Crisis Omni they announced...didn't the 10th Anniversary Omni come out a few months ago? What's up with that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Raffi Ol D'Arcy View Post
    Yes, this is a strange one. It came out around October 2018 IINM. DC have been known to put out "stealth" 2nd prints. Maybe they are now including them in the solicitations. For example, I believe the Superman Golden Age Vol. 1 Omnibus already had a 2nd printing which wasn't "announced". This "new" Superman Omni printing is at least its third printing. Morrison's Animal Man Omnibus also had an "undercover" 2nd and possible 3rd printing and still managed to go OOP.
    Thanks for the info guys. After the altered new printing of Death and Return of Superman, I'm on the lookout for "improved" reprints.

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    The cover for Golden Age Superman vol 6 has finally been revealed

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    THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS HC and HEROES IN CRISIS HC are all regular sized HC? No oversized, huh? Weird. I see this becoming new trend with DC lately.

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