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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Thunders! View Post
    Luthor got closer to killing Superman than Zod did. I don't need to see the Phantom Zone criminals arrests because in the 4 hours of movie before that final scene, all of Supermans foes survive, and it's played for comedy.
    Then why was the scene added to the television versions? Because those networks/stations didn't it was so obvious that Supes didn't kill the Kryptonians. It was definitely, positively not added for creative reasons, at any rate.
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    They don't take out the killings in the TV versions of other movies, so my guess is it could be for the kids or time.

    Chris Reeve has to be the closest to Siegels version of Superman, if he did kill the Zone criminals, which I don't see, but understand. His Clark is bumbling and his Superman kills with a smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Darknight Detective View Post
    Even it wasn't bottomless, they''re not coming out of it walking to the paddy wagon. Unless some here want to play the Wile E. Coyote card , the Kryptonians are not going to dust themselves off as if nothing happened.
    Actually, I would play the Wile E. Coyote card there because, right after he does that, he goes and gets revenge on the guy who beat him up by spinning him around so fast he's a blur, so fast that I'm pretty sure it would kill someone to be spun that fast in reality.

    The Superman movies were not really science lessons in how physics really works. I remember being in the theater seeing the first Reeve Superman movie. When that helicopter fell like twenty stories and he caught it, stopping it in it's tracks, you could hear a collective gasp from the audience. Effectively, he might as well have hit the ground from twenty stories up. He survived and seemed no more injured for it than he already was.

    I'm just saying that arguing what such and such would really do to a person in reality doesn't mean much when applying that to the Superman movies. They weren't particularly realistic about what people could survive.

    It's not unlike "Smallville" when Clark hit a guy and sent him flying across the street and shattering a car windshield. The guy then faked a collarbone injury to start a lawsuit. In the DVD commentary, they were joking about that fact that, in reality, it wouldn't be a fake. In fact, that impact would probably break every bone in his body and possibly kill him. In the show, he had a few bruises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auguste Dupin View Post
    Of course it does.
    Let me take an example. In "I am a Legend" (you know, the movie where Will Smith is the last man on Earth and fights vampires), there's been two endings shot.
    SPOILERS: In one of them, vampires invade Will Smith's lab , where he hides with a woman and his child. Having just figured out how to cure vampirism, he sacrifice himself to let the other two escape with the cure. The other two go back to the hidden community they were from with the cure in hand.
    In the other, the vampires stil attack Will's lab, where he's still hidden with the woman and the kid. But here, not only does he not find a cure, but he realizes that the vampires are not here to kill them but to save the female vampire Will had used for his experiments. Realizing that they're not mindless monsters and have human feelings- and that basically he's the monster in the whole situation, killing and torturing because them he can't accept them as sentient beings- Will Smith releases the female vampire. The other vampires leave them, and the three humans leave the city.
    Damn - they really chose the wrong ending. It might have gone some way towards salvaging an otherwise mediocre film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dancj View Post
    Damn - they really chose the wrong ending. It might have gone some way towards salvaging an otherwise mediocre film.
    They definitively chose the wrong one.
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