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Fun episode, stupid fighting when Metallo 2 shows up. Kara as usual stands there stupefied until she gets knocked on her can. Forgets all her powers as usual. Although, the trap in the suit was neat.
The stun guns are stupid when fighting potential supervillians, though. Too politically correct for a government agency. Heat vision having kinetic impact - shouldn't work that way - as is the idea you can block a beam of energy by shooting another beam into it. You might be able to divert a beam with some incredibly intense magnetic or gravitational fields - which would total the environment.

I like the plot, forget the trivia. The ironic thing is that Lena and government is correct that they need to tool up to defend the country against super threat. Given Red, I'd have cop carrying a mag of Kryptonite hollow points.
I think the heat vision is a concentrated photon blast, like a laser beam, that is a manifestation of X-Ray vision. The heat vision being related to X-Ray vision was explained in the 1950s TV show Adventures of Superman. And light
does have the ability to exert force on an object. As powerful as heat vision is, it should exert a tremendous force on an object. If you are referring to Supergirl vs Metallo, I think Metallo's energy blast is a concentrated beam of kryptonite
particles. As such Kara's heat vision photons should be able to deflect and perhaps even destroy the kryptonite particles. On Star Trek their phasors could be set to stun and no one complained about that so I don't see why this is a problem for Supergirl. Sounds like a double standard or criticism for the sake of criticism or a pro gun political agenda.