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    Default Dan Didio Appreciation

    What can I say?

    I imagine he smells like petunias and cinnamon. He's so imaginative, creative and possesses what I imagine the ultimate in organizational skills.

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    As anybody else, he has his own strengths and weaknesses.
    He had some good ideas and, commercially speaking, he succeded in relaunching DC (the company was in a VERY bad situation before his coming).
    But he is a manager, not a creative guy (as Joe Quesada is), and this is pretty evident in the 'infamous' micromanaging practice of his tenure. Plus, he changes his ideas WAY too often.

    In the final analysis, I think that the moving to Burbank could be a good time for a change. A turnover is needed, after all these years.

    Geoff Johns could be a good substitute, in Didio's or Harras' place.

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    omac was good, looking forward to infinity man and the forever people.

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    I like him, and I like the books being put out under his tenure. He seems like a nice guy who's open and honest with the fans.

    He's a pretty good writer, with OMAC being his best work so far. I can't wait for Forever People.

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