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    Default Favorite one-shot or single issue Spider-man stories..

    What are some of your faves? Trying to think of all the best self-contained Spider-man stories--single issues that aren't caught up in some multi-part storyline.

    Here are some of mine:

    ASM #267 - "The Commuter Commeth!"
    PPTSSM #121 - "Eye Witness!"
    ASM #574 - "Flashbacks"
    ASM #589 - "Marked"
    ASM Annual #11 - "Spawn of the Spider"
    ASM Annual #18 - "Scorpion Takes A Bride"
    Spider-man Vs. Wolverine (1987)
    Spider-man / Batman (1995)
    ASM vol. II #26 - "The Mask"
    Spectacular SM #189 - "The Osborn Legacy"
    Spectacular SM #200 - "Best of Enemies"

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    Good question. I certainly agree with the Commuter, Spider-Man VS Wolverine, Spider-Man/ Batman and the Dematteis/ Buscema Harry Osborn issues.

    There are a few obvious ones others will mention. But I'll go with...

    Amazing Spider-Man #24: I like the A-plot, and the way the villain doesn't really appear in full costume.

    Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #127: My favorite Lizard story.

    Ultimate Spider-Man #65: Great oneoff showing the aftermath of a tragedy. Reminder that Peter Parker and company are just teenagers.

    What If? #88: Spider-Man as a horror comic with Peter Parker as a mad scientist trying to cure himself of a horrific condition. The ending is quite powerful.
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    Spider-Man #17

    Amazing Spider-Man #277

    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #5

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    Sensational Spider-Man annual #1

    Amazing Spider-Man #600

    Ultimate Spider-Man annual #1

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    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23

    Marvel Super-Heroes #14

    Spectacular Spider-Man #27

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    As a kid, I thought "the Jackal Files" one-shot was pretty hilarious.

    -Pav, who loved the Jackal's narration...
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    DeFalco was pretty good at this. Amazing Spider-Man #265 introduced the Silver Sable, but it had a fun story about Peter getting caught between a minor villain and a new menace. Amazing Spider-Man #271 revealed the fate of Crusher Hogan, the wrestler from Amazing Fantasy #15, and it had a gut punch of an ending. WHAT IF? #105 (later reprinted as SPIDER-GIRL #0) featured the origin of the Mayday Parker, Spider-Man’s daughter from an alternate future. She who would go on to have 130+ issues of her own title, with DeFalco in the drivers seat. The first four issues of the alien costume saga were also single issue stories, although it did lead to a larger whole.

    Spider-Man/ Spider-Man 2099 was an excellent team-up.

    Paul Jenkins and Mark Buckingham explored what made Peter tic in Peter Parker Spider-Man #20, 21 and 33, giving more depth to his relationship with Uncle Ben than any previous team. Those are all excellent comics.

    It's tough to pick a standout from Untold Tales of Spider-Man, but #13, in which Peter feels guilty for a classmate’s death, and #17, an encounter with Hawkeye, set in the days when Marvel’s archer wasn’t a good guy, are really good comics.

    Amazing Spider-Man #153 by Len Wein and Ross Andru makes you care about someone who would usually be a peripherary character: a widowed college football coach suddenly dragged into a crime drama when his young daughter is kidnapped. It’s a reminder that Peter Parker is relatively safe as far as the writers are concerned, and there are limits on what can be thing to supporting characters, but that nasty things can happen to those unlucky enough to be dragged into Spider-Man’s world.

    Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15 features a clash between the Punisher and Doctor Octopus, and a look at the inner workings of the Daily Bugle. It’s probably the best Spider-Man work by writer Dennis O’Neil, and one of two excellent one-shots by Frank Miller. The other is Marvel Team-Up #100, where future new mutant Karma possesses Spider-Man to pit him against the Fantastic Four.
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    Peter Parker: Spider-Man Vol 1 #38 "Make Mime Marvel"

    I love that issue and it featured the return of the Popemobile.

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    Amazing Spiderman 16. I loved the team up with Daredevil and Spiderman. It was the first time I had ever seen Daredevil and I loved the yellow costume. And I loved seeing heroes not only meet but fight each other

    When I was in prison my mom sent me a copy of Marvel Masterworks Spiderman and this was one of the stories. It helped get me through a rough time
    Favorite teams. Alpha Flight, Avengers, Fantastic Four, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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    Now that we are on one issue stories I definitely go with "The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man."
    The (old) Hank McCoy thread.

    Interested in knowing more about Balder?

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    Amazing Fantasy #15.
    The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man. TASM #248.
    Finale. Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #310.

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    Confesssions. Ultimate Spider-Man #13.
    The Conversation. TASM (Vol. 2) #38.

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    My Top (3) Three:

    "All My Pasts Remembered!"
    (The Amazing Spider-Man #259)

    "A Night on the Town!"
    (Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996)

    "The Battle of the Century!"
    (Superman VS The Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 #1)

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    I happen to own my favorite single issues.

    "To Have and to Hold" (Sensational Spider-Man Annual #1)

    "Doomed Affairs" (ASM#50v.2)

    "The Daydreamers" (ASM#246)

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