Hi I wasn't sure where to post this.

I'm looking for a very old (early to mid 70's) war comic. the story was set in Vietnam. the story centers on a remembrance of a supply column thats ambushed by the enemy. one of the drivers is a short timer called "Lex Luthor" who drives a *very* heavily armed truck. he ends up saving the rest of the column. I'd love to find it. I was very much into "Weird War Tales" as a kid and I'd like to have the comic pointed out to me so I get read it again. I'm 52 and thinking back on this makes me feel like a six year old again!

The other was a weird science fiction story. a man hits his head and is transported to a desert world where he's pursued by men flying just above the surface on skis. I think at the end he wakes up and finds himself back on earth. I'm not sure what or where to look for such a thing.