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The same would apply to Peter Parker and Carol Danvers outside of The Avengers until Brian Reed developed it. The same can apply towards Peter appearing in Jessica's world every now and again.
The fact that you said "The same ___ apply" twice in the same post shows how much of a buzz-phrase that is for you. That's the issue you need to address. Why was it okay when it applied in those other instances? What about those other instances could inform how what you're suggesting could work?

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Which still does not change the fact that it has not happened yet so when you are saying things liike "they are close friends" you are wrong. If you said "they could be close friends" then you would be correct but it has not happend yet. You tend to do that where you refer to things as they have already happend when often it is only something you want to happen. Big difference between the two and one of the reasons people tend to call you out on it.
Exactly! And then he says "I never said that", pretending that the meaning wasn't apparent in the earlier instances. Because he thinks it could still happen, he acts as though it might as well already be true. It's imposing his hypothetical desires and confusing them with fact. He says he won't write it, but it's very that he wishes he could. Or if he was an editor, that's what he would have writers do. He knows he's not in a position to make those dreams a reality. Doesn't stop him from telling everyone how to let them happen, though.