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    Default Rumbler's League Fall/Winter 2015 - Team Reference

    A little early, but here it is. The place to Post your Teams.

    Make them Clear, Make them Nice, Make them Unbeatable.

    Claim your slot, you have one week to post them here.
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    Cosmic Warriors

    Harry Dresden - Star Knight

    Harry Dresden - Wizard, Warden, Winter Knight, Blessed by the Archangels with Soul Fire, and Star Born; Now bearer of the Star Brand and Wielder of the Staff of Power.

    "Wait, what?" Harry stares at his hand.
    "You heard me. Mab isn't the Only one who can Grant Powers. I'm sure you can handle this Cosmic Energy Source. Oh, and here are Two Items to replace your Blasting Rod. The Wand and the Rod are both very powerful."
    He takes the items and slips them into his Duster.

    Maxima - Sun Warrior

    Maxima - Lt. Colonel and Golden Skinned Leader of ArcSWAT with Speed, Strength, Durability, Flight, and a Blast at least Powerful Enough to Craters; though currently her limits haven't been measured. A skilled Tactician and experienced Combat Fighter.

    "Max, here is the Sun Disk. In addition to boosting your already considerable powers, it will also provide you with protection from Magic and Psychic attacks."
    Max eyes it skeptically, "Have you run this past General Faulk? I should have Dabbler check it out first."
    "No!, I mean, trust me, it's all good. I've already talked to the General about it and he's fine with it. Besides, we have a battle to win, right?"
    Max sighs, then puts on the Amulet.

    Daniel X - Phoenix Warrior

    Daniel X - Alien Shapeshifting, Reality Warping, Matter Manipulator, Time Manipulator, Psychic Hunter. His Powers now go to Cosmic Levels thanks to receiving 1/5 of the Phoenix Force.

    "You want to hunt Aliens, Danny?"
    "I prefer Daniel."
    "Right, Daniel, you want to hunt them? Well, now you'll have power to spare in which to do it."
    "I think I can get used to this."

    Thomas Raith - Cosmic Knight

    Thomas Raith - Scion of the White King and a Powerful Wizard, White Court Vampire Prince, Oblivion Warrior, Skilled Fighter, and Magic User.

    "Hey! What did you do to me?"
    "Thomas, my dear Thomas, if you want to fight side-by-side with your brother, you will have to keep up with him. Accept the Sigil of Sam Rey and you will have access to the Cosmic Powers of Matter and Energy Transmutation, Flight, Undetectablity, Teleportation, as well as boosts to your Healing and Durability."
    "Cosmic? This isn't one of Harry's pranks?"
    "Look, isn't it about time you got a some attention? Just take it." Giving him the Sigil then moving on.

    Halo - Aurora Warrior

    Halo - The Hyperactive ArcSWAT Recruit with a ultra high tolerance for Spicy Foods and a Set of 7 Orbs that obey her every command and grant her several impressive Superpowers.

    "That's it? That's all your going to say?"
    "Sydney, I only have a limited space ..."
    "If you won't, then I will. You see this Orb? Then these two Orbs... Then we have This one and this one..."
    "Enough! We still have to tell them about the Caduceus."
    "Speed, Strength, Flight, Teleportation...Sweet Package Deal. Only, how am I supposed to carry it whiel using my Orbs?"
    "Remember where Dabbler keeps her Sword?"
    "Ewwww....gross. No way."
    "Just slip it into your belt underneath your Uniform Jacket."

    Harem - Gestalt Warrior

    Harem - Corporal in ArcSWAT with the ability to Teleport, and to create up to 4 Additional, Independent yet Linked Bodies, for a total of 5.

    I have for you this Neat Piece of Jewelry. It comes with it's own swarm of Sub-Microscopic Nanites."
    Taking the necklace and putting it on, "So, what are nanites?"
    "Nanites? Or they are totally super-cool. They are tiny machines that self-replicate like crazy and do whatever you ask them to do. Even make Armour for you so no more getting injured. You can also use them to control other machines and to spy on other people."
    "Spy? Can they, you know, take pictures?"
    "In a way, I guess. Why?"
    "Hmm, no reason." She smiled mischievously.

    A minute later..."Hey! Where's my necklace?"
    I smiled, "The nanites are keeping it safe for you, inside your body. You can wear it again after the battle."
    "Oh, and can you hold on to this vial? You will know when to use it when the time is right."
    "Hold out your hands..." About 14 or so small stones appear there, "These are Norn Stones, your Nanites will merge them into your body. The power of the Norn Stones will give you increased Strength, Speed, Flight, plus Boosts to your own innate Powers, Boosts to the Powers of the Nanites, and Access to Magic."
    "This should finish off your Power Set, as she is given the powers of the LoSH."
    "Oh, and here is your Official Cosmic Item" Handing her, what appears to be, a Plain white sheet of paper on which are printed, in large, bold, block letters Kick-Me. You know what to do with it, just like with the Angry Muppet."
    Harem smiles knowingly.

    Lara Raith - Vampire Queen

    Lara Raith - Queen of the White Court Vampires, Smart, Sexy and a real Killer with or without a weapon.

    "Lara, the Witchblade thinks you'll be the perfect Host. Give it a try."
    "And what gift do you need in return? I never owe a debt if I can avoid it."
    "Just lend your Brother and your Brother's Brother a hand on these Battles, then we're square."
    "And I can keep the Blade?"
    "Ah, yeah, sure, why not?"

    "I found something for you. Take this Orb and use it to turn Dark Energy into solid constructs, plus it gives you some nice powers boosts."

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    MunchKING's Ladies of the Dead:

    Marceline The Vampire Queen: (16 Points)
    -- Marceline (Adventure Time With Finn and Jake) 4
    ----Zing Zom Bone (Xiaolin Showdown) 6
    ----Anubis Head Statue w/ Gems (Power Puff Girls) 6

    An ancient Vampire half-demon, slayer of all the Vampires, heir apparent to the Nightosphere, and kicking Bass player, Marceline is truly a power to behold. She possesses a great many vampire powers; Flight, Invisibility, Shapeshifting, Near-perfect regeneration, etc. She also has a few powers from her demonic side, such as soul-sucking. Somewhere along the way she also mastered Necromantic magics,

    To save her some time (and the need for them to be already dead), we gave her the Zing-Zom-Bone so she can turn everyone into mostly-mindless but obedient zombies. But if she wants a more intelligent and lively army, she also has the Anubis head, with it's power to turn people into, and control, dogs.

    Liliana Vess, Queen of the Damned: (20 Points)
    --Liliana Vess (Magic the Gathering) 6
    ----Generic Horse Corpse (Real World) 1
    ----Dragon Corpse (3.5 D&D) 5
    ------Enlarged by Rita Repulsa's Wand (Power Rangers) 8

    Liliana is a dark planeswalker, a dark mistress of two powers, killing things and bringing them back as loyal servants. Almost all her cards are devoted to that theme. And so it is here. To get her started on that whole "undead Army" thing, we supplied her with the corpse of a Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon from the D&D verse, and a fine black horse from our world.

    The Wyrm has both ridiculous stats and ridiculous powers. Not only are it's stats insane from a D&D perspective, but it constantly shields itself with magic that deflects all attacks, ignores the first 25 points of damage from any attacks that DO get through, and knows all the most deadly D&D spells. Also everyone who is opposed to it (within 30 feet of any point of it) who sees or hears it must flee in terror. It's save DC is that High.

    Rita should have no problem making our undead monsters grow to an enormous height. Given that it makes Man-sized people as tall as California's greatest skyscrapers, an already Colossal dragon, should become a size unparalleled in the League to date.

    Dani, Zin WarGhost: (18 Points)
    --Dani Phantom (Danny Phantom) 6
    ----Zin Space Suit (All Upgrades) (Saints Row IV) 7
    ----Monkey Talisman (Jackie Chan Adventures) 5

    A clone of Danny Phenton, she became a competent heroine in her own right. She has all the same basic powers as Danny, including blasts, invisibility, intangibility, possessing people, etc. As she is a half-ghost, when she is in human form, she counts as a human for all tech and such that deals with ghosts, and when she is in ghost form she counts as one of the undead.

    Now she's been given a cool Zin space suit. It gives the user various telekinetic powers the Zin have. This is stuff like Super Speed/Strength/Jumping, and more esoteric abilities like Telekinesis and the ability to infuse her rays and such with elemental powers. Danny showed multiple times that he could use his ghost powers even in various suits of power armor, so I'm assuming this one won't hinder Dani.

    The Monkey Talisman has also been affixed to the suit's hand so she can transform her foes at will.

    Flonne, Archangel of Magic: (32 Points)
    --Flonne (Disgaea) 8
    ----White Magic (Magic the Gathering) 7
    ----Red Magic (Magic the Gathering) 7
    ----Chemical X (Powerpuff Girls) 10
    ----Ring of Hefty Spell Casting (Hackmaster) 7

    Flonne is a mighty Archangel, called by the Higher Powers to bring the world together under her banner of love. Unfortunately for them, she tends to get very violent, as benefits a Nippon Ichi character, when challenged on this. In addition to Angelic magic (which she used even in cutscenes), She has a wide variety of cure-spells, and weapon proficiencies. She also has stats unrivaled in most other RPGs.

    To aid her powers (and insure the team isn't ENTIRELY undeads) she awoke her Spark and can now cast White and Red Magic as a Planeswalker. Whether you want to say M:tG's "Mana" is the equivalent of Disgaea's "SP" or "Mana", Flonne should have a lot of it. Millions, if not hundreds of millions, isn't even particularly high numbers for her. It's not even CLOSE to the cap.

    And now with the Ring of Hefty Spellcasting from Hackmaster she can cast 9999 spells per action. Truly an unstoppable force of Magic.

    Add to that Chemical X to give her the reaction speed everyone expects, along with a variety of other minor (comparatively) powers, an you have an Angel to strike terror in the hearts of the most love-less demon.

    Daffy, Master of Destruction: (14 Points)
    --Daffy, The Wizard (Looney Tunes: The Wizard) 7
    ----Ring of Mind Blank (D&D 3.5) 7

    Daffy was a necromancer, with the fighting style of Chandra. Massive fireblasts and destructive elements are his to command. However he is also an expert at shielding and counterspells. Finally he knows a few timestopping spells. With the only thing he wasn't shown to protect himself from being psychics, I bought him a ring that makes him immune to all attempts to alter or detect his thoughts, upto and including asking a God for a miracle.

    Maja, Burner of Harmony
    --Maja the Sky Witch (Adventure Time with Finn and Jake) 2
    ----Element of Harmony: Loyalty (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Element of Harmony: Magic (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Element of Harmony: Kindness (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Element of Harmony: Laughter (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Element of Harmony: Generosity (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Element of Harmony: Honesty (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) 3
    ----Rio Reverso (Xiaolin Showdown) 2

    Maja is a sky witch. In addition to wind/lightning magics, she had the ability to take the psychic/emotional resonance on an item and use that to power her spells. For example, a doll that had been loved by a girl for a thousand years as her only friend, was capable of punching a hole through time. A shirt that symbolized the amazing strength of the love between two ladies had much more power. She used it to stop time and revive an ancient ridiculously powerful sleeping War-weapon and bind it to her command.

    Now that is she is powered up by draining the literal embodiment of Friendship and Caring with more raw magical power than all the rest of Equestria put together, she should have all the majical Mojo she needs to do whatever she wants.

    Guardian of the Magi
    --Chachamaru Karakuri (Negima! Magister Negi Magi) 5
    ----Krypto-Chip (DC/OI) 10
    ----Special Liquid Electron Gun Specially Designed for Shooting the Antidote to Chemical X at the Powerpuff Girls and Eliminating their Powers (Powerpuff Girls) 9
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    Reserved for the King of Munch 2.0

    (without a Massive Minion team I doubt I'll need three)
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    Unexpected Schenanigans

    ImprobabiliTom Servo, the Doom Bringer
    Tom Servo (Mystery Science Theater 3000) 3 & Alchemy Pot Fusion (Dragon Quest Series) 8 (Fusing IID and DG with Tom) + Infinite Improbability Drive (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) 10 + Doomgiver (Book of Swords) 9 + Super Skrull Power Engineering: Avengers Set (Original/Marvel) 8 + Red Energeon (TF Prime) 4 + Zettabyte of Internet Data - Fiction and Multimedia (Real World) 1 + Rabbit's Foot (Supernatural) 2 + Magic Pill (Xanth) 5

    Our good buddy Tom Servo has been lobbed into the mystical Alchemy Pot with a star drive and a sword, and come out golden, powerful, and improbably the same size. That's because he's been fused with one of the most unpredictable devices in existence - the Infinite Improbability Drive as well as one of the most feared Swords - Doomgiver. Fueled by Red Energon and thanks to the power generation/speed/physicality granted by his Super Skrull chip, he's prepared to fight at the level this Rumbler's League requires. With his own mind, and ability to self replicate, and the sheer luck provided by the Rabbit's Foot concealed within him, his control of his new powers will far more effective. In fact to give himself a magical edge he's snagged a pill of condensed Magic Dust which he's swallowed and haphazardly crumbled it over the Foot with his Skrull TK (1/2 on Foot, 1/2 on Doom-Servo). So, with a maniacal cackle of insane glee he will use his powers to reshape reality to his whims a little bit at a time! Go Packers!

    Him-Fight, McWarrior of Eternia
    Fighter McWarrior (8Bit Theatre) 6 & Space Worms, Infestation (Futurama) 4 + He-Man's Power Sword (Masters of the Universe) 9 + Velocity 9 (DC) 8 + Noor Stone - Hadya (The 99) 3 + Warden's Sword, custom made (Dresden Files) 6 + Four Sword (Legend of Zelda Four Swords Series) 4

    While Fighter, master of Zodiac Kenshido, probably has been holding aloft swords shouting about Greyskull for years . .but after a snack on a toilet sandwich this afternoon it seems he's improbably found the right Sword. As soon as he blasted a random dragon with it to make sure it's real, he was given a can of Velocity 9 and a Noor Stone to help him find his way as well as new foes to face in order to challenge his newly dazzling intellect and phantasmagorical physical effectiveness. He has since had a Warden Sword crafted for him, which cuts through magical creatures and defenses as easily as it cuts/dispels magic before becoming backed by Greyskull and his own special skills and has been given the holy Four Sword that has granted 3 more identical buddies of different color. Atop his mighty draconian mount and beside it, they shall find no goal beyond reach, Excelsior!

    Broketail the Warvern
    Bazil Broketail (Bazil Broketail) 4 & Light Saber (Star Wars) 3 + Super Transformation (Sonic the Hedgehog) 5

    Before being transmogrified by a tiny pixelated man out of nowhere, Bazil has had no end to the strangeness assaulting him. First came the gift of a strange weightless tail-blade which burned as much as cut a treestump, then a sackfull of golden rings fell into his grasp after a golden loudmouth knocked it off a tall shelf which gave him the strangest feeling of being energized, and then as soon as he stumbled away from that misadventure he is blasted by some small red fellow and suddenly covered in surprisingly upgraded equipment while twice the size he was before. Tired of all this madness Bazil has decided to go into battle with this Fighter to get back to boring old battle, but it's a strange fate in store for this old wyvern.

    The Strangefate Brotherhood
    Doctor Strangefate (Amalgam Comics) 10 & Consumption of Space Whale Meat (DC) (Speed Default) 9 + Aviarius’s Power Staff w/ Team Go Powers (Kim Possible) 8 + Banshee (Marvel) 6 + Gauntlet of Altwaal (Crossgen: The First) 9 + Blue Magic (Magic the Gathering) 7 + Gem of Tartarus (Marvel) 8

    After a particularly persuasive lunch of Space Whale and Banshee Brandy with a jaunty and curiously golden Mr. Murphy, Dr. Strangefate has agreed to participate in this illustrious League once more. He has equipped himself with the famous Gauntlet of Altwaal which boosts both his magical and psychic powers by a respectible degree, and has also learned the full array of Blue Magics from Magic the Gathering allowing him to manipulate time and magic itself while also vastly enhancing his psychic powers and granting him new ones. Additionally he has gained the beautiful and delicate Gem or Tartarus to grant him something to ensnare his opponent's attention. With the finishing touch of a flashy new Power Staff he has become his own brotherhood of like minded gentlemen, and the true onslaught can begin.
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    MMM (50)
    MMM is a super-fusion of Mon-El (10), Muliple Man (8), and Moondragon (10), using both the Access Amalgamation (8) and both Potara Earrings (5 & 5). They also possess Fusion Dance Knowledge (4), but only one half of the set.
    -From Mon-El, he gets the standard Kryptonian Package: high-level super strength, speed, durability, healing, stamina, and senses; myriad extra vision abilities, such as telescopic, microscopic, x-ray, and multispectrum; super breath, freezing breath, and heat vision. Powered by Yellow Sunlight, weak to Red Sunlight. Unlike Superman, is not affected by Kryptonite, and unlike most Daxamites, is immune to lead poisoning.
    -From Moondragon, he gets high-level telepathy, mind control, memory manipulation, illusion casting, and mind-erasure, at levels surpassing the likes of Xavier and Exodus. He also gets minor telekinesis and levitation.
    -From Multiple Man, he gets the ability to replicate himself whenever he is physically struck, including something as simple as slapping his hands together. These clones will have all the powers of the fused entity.
    -From all three, MMM has a wide range of incredible martial arts skills and knowledge.
    -While the Access Amalgamation combines Mon-El and Multiple Man specifically, the Potara Earings fuse that amalgam with Moondragon, further amplify the existing powers to a somewhat unknown degree, but certainly by a massive enough jump to easily overpower their individual selves at their own abilities easily.
    -MMM also knows the Fusion Dance (4). Yes, only one half of it. This will enable him to Fusion Dance his own clones together, providing even more greatly amplified clones.

    DEVS (50)
    DEVS is a super-fusion of Vulcan (9), Duplicate Damsel (4), Superwoman (9), and Exodus (9). Using the Dr. Strangefate Amalgamation (8) to combine Vulcan and DD, this combination also consumes the Munch Munch Fruit (7), after which it consumes Superwoman and Exodus, then uses this power to fuse their attributes into a four-person fusion. This fusion also has the other half of the Fusion Dance Knowledge (4).
    -From Vulcan, he has massive energy-manipulation powers. Able to manipulate any form of energy, a tremendous amount with precision. This even includes cosmic and magical energy, enabling him to battle the likes of Black Bolt and Adam Warlock in direct combat, though this takes a bit more effort.
    -From Duplicate Damsel, he has the ability to make unlimited clones of himself.
    -From Exodus, he has vastly powerful and precise telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, and teleportation powers. He also has superhuman strength and durability and a healing factor.
    -From Superwoman, he has Wonder Woman like powers of high-level super speed, strength, durability, stamina, and healing; flight, and a magic Lasso of Submission that allows her to mentally dominate those she has tied in its grasp.
    -From all four, DEVS has a range of martial arts skills and knowledge.
    -From the Munch Munch Fruit, he has the power to consume anything and then infuse that thing into his body. He can also consume multiple objects, then spit them out in a combined form. In this way, he can even create new mineral compounds.
    -DEVS also knows the Fusion Dance (4). Yes, only one half of it. This will enable him to Fusion Dance his own clones together, and doing so will greatly amplify the fused clones.

    CAPCOM (10)
    Captain Commando (Captain Commando) 3 – A skilled martial artist at peak human condition. Wields gauntlets which can blast fire and electricity.
    -Flame of Py’Tar (DCAU) 7 – Is a planetary life force that acts as a mystical empowerment allowing flight, physical enhancement through a protective aura, space survival, energy blasts able to overpower a DCAU Green Lantern shield, and the ability to act as a conduit for psychic powers to others also connected to the Py’Tar.

    DOC ROBOT (10)
    Doc Robot (Mega Man) 5 – Has the ability replicate the weapons and combat patterns of the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man 2. This includes:
    Metal Man – high-jumps, throwing buzzsaws
    Air Man – generating damaging mini-tornados that can block attacks, super jumps, gale-force winds
    Quick Man – quick speed running, high-jumps, boomerangs that alter direction after the first throw
    Bubble Man – bouncing damaging bubbles, agile water movement
    Heat Man –fire balls, ability to turn into a beam of heat, fire shield
    Wood Man – summoning razor leads as a strong shield and an area of attack
    Flash Man – energy bolts, stasis field able to freeze the movement of others until they are struck, can even freeze energy beams in place while the user remains unaffected
    Crash Man – super jumps, bombs that damage on contact or explode after a few seconds
    -Phase Shifter (TF Prime) 5 – This device allows the user to become intangible at will, even selectively so.
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    Genocide (DC) 10

    Grograman, the Many Colored Death (The Neverending Story) 9
    Cheetah (Minerva) (DC) 8
    +Archemus' Scepter (Crossgen) 10
    +Mirror of Opposition (Dungeons & Dragons) 9
    +Staff of Polar Power (Marvel) 9
    +Devil Bringer (Devil May Cry) 5
    +Mind Transfer with Amora, the Enchantress (Futurama) 3
    ++Alien Orchid Transporter Fusion (Star Trek) 9

    A dreadful transporter accident has fused a magic lion with a terrifying death aura that annihilates all life within a radius of thousands of miles, a superfast supervillainess and a fragant flower! The result is a fused being with the traits of both entities meaning an hilariously superfast and superstrong felinoid with a terrifying death aura (that smells like flowers) .

    Since that seemed a little too tame, I've given this fusion the Devil Bringer for its various powers and particularly for internalization of stuff I might throw that way. Stuff like the Staff of Polar Power, a magic artifact of the highest order with the power to absorb magic in unfathomable amounts, or Archemus' Scepter, that in addition to the ability to depower cosmic/magic foes, also has major league powers of magic magnification and self duplication. And since it would be a shame to leave so much magic in the hands of amateurs, I've also arranged for a mindswap with Amora, the Enchantress, who knows just what to do with such power.

    As a late addition, the Mirror of Opposition gives the nice option of creating up to four clones of equal power and equipment of whoever gets reflected in its surface that will automatically attack the originals.

    Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu no Index) 8
    +Starwheel (Marvel) 10
    +Mother Box (DC) 10
    +Krenon Psionic Shield (DC: Steel - Maximum Orbit) 9
    +Sword of Kamuu (Marvel) 8
    +Menthor Helmet (THUNDER Agents) 5
    +Borg Nanoprobes (TNG) 3
    +Mind Transfer with Ultron (Futurama) 3

    Accelerator has the interesting paranormal power of vector control, which translates to an autodefense that sends back to sender stuff that can harm him and an ability to seriously mess up anything within his range. The chief limitations of his power are his ability to calculate stuff and his understanding of the phenomenons he is dealing with, and in terms of raw power he can seriously mess up with planetary rotation if he feels like it.

    However, since that's not quite enough for my purposes, we are giving him the Menthor Helmet (for enhanced cognition, plus telepathy, plus miscellanous stuff), the Sword of Kamuu (for enhanced understanding of magic, passive defenses against magic that might bypass his autodefense and for making him buff) and the Motherbox (that can help with calculations, provide understanding of exotic stuff that Accelerator might not understand well on his own and power magnification). We are then loading the whole thing into the Starwheel, a lovely Kree superweapon that could drain ungodly amounts of energy from unwilling victims and attack with shield piercing beams of doom before getting a Motherbox upgrade and a fancy anti-psionics shield that reflects mental attack back towards the attacker, which has likewise enjoyed the benefits of Motherbox enhancement.

    Downloading Ultron's mind into the Motherbox and adding Borg nanoprobes to the mix has resulted 1) in the Starwheel being reshaped into a giant doom-robot body and 2) a true fusion of flesh and machine that leaves the whole thing now protected by Accelerator's ungodly autodefense. This time for real.

    Wundarr the Aquarian (Marvel) 8
    +Nemesis Potion (DC) 9

    Wundarr the Aquarian is an extremely human-like alien who after a close encounter with a Cosmic Cube essentially became Hippie Space Jesus, gaining tremendous insight into the nature of the cosmos and the ability to generate around his person a null field that negates energy in almost all its forms, with the downside that this power negation extends to himself and that certain exotic, low energy forms of attack might affect him.

    However, the Nemesis Potion that he has ingested gives him the handy power of automatically developing an effective counter against the powers of any one enemy he might face, which should adequately compensate the shortcomings of his null-field.

    Cris Johnson (Next) 2
    +Exposure to Ectoplasm (Danny Phantom) 8

    Mister Johnson has powerful precognitive powers that allow him to see clearly events that will happen within the next two minutes, a neat ability that will hopefully serve him well in the League now that he has been given some power to work with, since the ectoplasm he has been exposed to and mutated by gives him the powers of a half-ghost (cloning, intangibility, invisibility, possession...).


    In regards to placement, the whole team starts inside the Starwheel in two groups (one formed by the fusion character and Accelerator, another by Aquarian and Johnson). These couples stand as far apart as it is possible while staying inside the same vessel. Johnson is inside Aquarian's null-field.
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    The Doompocalypse

    The Omnipotent One
    Paragon(10) w/ Mind Transfer with Doctor Doom(3), Transfer of Powers of the Doctor-Limited (10)(The Authority), Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr (8)(Marvel), 10lbs of Dark Chocolate (Real World)(1)
    *The Leader of this team and the world around him Victor Von Doom awakes after a Mind Transfer and finds himself in the body of Paragon, a DC villan/quasi-hero who can copy any biological superpowers around him and use them to the fullest and even amp them up. He is then given power truly fitted for a Omnipotent being and gets the Transfer of Powers of the Doctor limited to not having any Telepathy defense. This grants him various high level exotic abilities like Energy/Matter Manipulation/Transmutation, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, and almost anything he can think of. In rewards for his excellence he was chosen to be the Avatar Stonecutter and recieves the Ringed Ruby of Raggadorr giving him class 100 strength/durability and the ability to make highly complex machines and devices with the Earth around him. With his various reality warping and transmutation powers he has many ways to use the 10 lbs of Dark Chocolate he decided to grab with bad intentions in mind. Now with true Omnipotent power and the combined powers of all his teamates the newly crowned Omnipotent One is ready to rule over all who oppose him and lead his minions to absolute victory.

    The Namekian
    Piccolo(9) w/Mjolnir(10), Humanifold Treatment(9), Exposure to Intrinsic Field Subtractor(9), Super Skrull Power Engineering MLF Set (Tempo, Skids, Locus, Jon Spectre, Cannonball(9)
    *A shout out to Gast from DBM is heard before Piccolo undergoes surgery and gains the powers of the Replicant via Humanifold Treatment. This gives him an vast number of powers(mostly from Flash Villans) and the ability to absorb other weapons into itself. Piccolo then picked out the first weapon to absorb and he chose Mjolnir the all mighty weapon of Thor which gives him high level energy manipulation/absorbtion/amplification, wheather control, class 100 strength/durability, dimensional powers and more.

    Next Piccolo chose to undergo Super Skrull Power Engineering-MLF set and recieve the various powers of the Mutant Liberation Front which includes Time Manipulation, Teleportation, Forcefield generation, Invulnerable flight, and Intangibility. Finally to maximize effectiveness he ready's himself and is exposed to an Intrinsic Field Subtractor which gives him the powers/abilities of Dr.Manhattan which include TK, Energy/Matter Manipulation, Cloning, Cosmic Awareness, and others. Now he is ready and worthy to fight for Doom and for Victory.

    The Shinobi Goddess Kaguya
    Kaguya Otsutsuki(9) w/ Super Saiyan Wish(8),Super Skrull Power Engineering OG X-Men Set(Jean, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Archangel)(9), Cosmic Control Rod (8)
    * The origin of all things involving Ninjutsu and Queen of all ninja Kaguya Otsutsuki has multiple abilities like class 80-90 strength/energy projection, hypersonic speed, shapeshifting, Dimension/Portal creating,Control/Combine 5 elements, 360° vision, illusion casting, paralyzation, and the various powers of the Rinnegan/Sharingan to start off with. She is then granted a wish and gains the full powers and abilities of a Super Saiyan super boosting and multiplying her already high energy reserves and power output tremendously, as well as giving her even more strength/speed/durability.

    She then undergoes Super Skrull Power Engineering-Original X-Men Set giving her the updated powers of Iceman, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Archangel, and Beast which fits her base powers very well and enhances some of them. The last item she is granted is the powerful Cosmic Control Rod granting her high level energy manipulation/absorbtion, transmutation, stasis field/sheild generation, Technopathy, and more. With all of her new abilities she is ready to follow Doom andshow her Godly dominance over all beneath her.

    The Shinigami Goddess Diana
    Wonder Woman(9) w/Ebony Blade(7), Angelic Possession-Archangel Rank: Rapheal(Supernatural)(8), Purgatory Power Up(10), Astro-Harness(8), Amulet of Opposite Aligment(2), Stack of 10 China Plates (Real World)(1)
    *The Warrior Amazon from DC Wonder Woman is recruited bringing her class 100 strength/speed/durability, Tiara, Bracelets, and Lasso with her. Diana is given the power to wield potent cosmic energy via the Astro-Harness giving her high level offensive/defensive abilities and output, and what it lacks in versatility it makes up for in raw power(Casual blasts knock Superman across the Earth). As she can fly already and the Astro-Harness is made of Energy she only needs to manifest the Gauntlets/Chest plate which she streamlines into her Kuurth suit using her Reality Warping powers(explained below)keeping her good looks intact(unlike the ridiculous looking Orion).

    For close range combat and very high defensive abilities she is given the powerful Ebony Blade which can cut through anything(high level magic sheilds, near Adamantium level metals, etc), reflect/absorb many forms of energy at class 100 levels, and makes the user Invulnerable to most attacks that aren't made of the stone the blade is made from. And when blood is absorbed and the user draws the Influence of the Blade to power themselves they can absorb the Souls of the living in a large AOE radius, Grow in size and power, and fire energy blasts strong enough to fell an Avengers team.

    After proving herself as a worthy minion to Doom she is bestowed vast power to ascend her to Godhood and first is transformed into an Archangel on Raphel's Rank jn terms of power. Then she recieves the Purgatory Power Up from Supernatural and absorbs the 50 million souls into herself and some into the Ebony Blade amplifying and boosting her powers to unprecedented levels and giving her better defense than than the Crimson Gem of Cytorrak.

    As this power boost results in the user becoming Giant in size(as shown in Pic above) and the Astro-Harness is made of energy she uses her new Reality Warping powers to completely streamline the Astro-Harness into her suit along with the Gauntlets which is all that is needed to fully function(so no excess metal around her as its Reality warped to be streamlined/intergrated). To use her new powers better Diana is given the Amulet of Opposite Aligment making her ready to use the Ebony Blade to it's fullest potential. Then a curious gift of 10 China plates from the real world is given to her. Along with various ways of using her Reality Warping powers to use them in ways no one ever thought of of course. Now that she is a Goddess and Giant sized she is ready to follow Doom to total Victory and nothing less.

    *Team Equipment*
    Incredibles Team Uniform Base Set: Kuurth Design(1)
    *The team wears a Black body/Red Lines version of the form fitting suit that Kuurth wore(no defense bonuses in the base set). For Diana/Kaguya and others with long hair it is open behind the head where the neck meets to let it hang out.
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    Team Hell's Brigade:

    Magneto (9):
    -Metal Cooler (9)
    -Farslayer (5)
    -Spaceknight Armor/Rom version (8)

    Eric's base electromagnetic powers have been augmented with a shiny new metal body that possesses strength enough to tangle with Super Saiyans. This body also has self replication and multiplication, alongside access to various ki blasts and techniques, including the instant transmission. He also now wields Farslayer, a sword capable of being thrown and killing whomever the thrower thinks of. It can and has phased through objects to do such killings. His outer form is now complimented by the Spaceknight armor of Rom (integrated with his already cybernetic body), wielding the Neutralizer. It has enhanced his durability and further enhances his psychical stats and other such abilities.

    Maxima (10):
    -Archangel Gabriel/Michael Level (9)
    -Lerasium Bead (4)
    -Vial of Metals, All (2)
    -Flower Flower Fruit (10)
    -Sheila's Cloak (3)

    Maxima's Kryptonian powers and psychic powers have been added to through an Angelic host, which grants her temporal powers, healing, some form of teleport, sickness giving, power surging, and reality warping. The Lerasium bead and vial of metals grants her Allomancy in all forms, granting her various sense boosts, emotional manipulation, and strength/speed boosts alongside a few other powers. The Fruit gives her the ability to make copies of limbs, even whole bodies, appear on any surface. Sheila'd cloak now letsh er be invisible.

    Max Mercury (10):
    -Blue Beetle Scarab (8)
    -Gold Pocket Watch (4)
    -Speaking Gun (8)
    -Space Racer's Gun (8)

    The Zen speedster, nearly on par with Flashes but more agile by far, now has the Scarab which gives him a Swiss Army Knife of counters to various powers and situations (such as over pwoering a Yellow Lantern Starro, magic counters, and even time shenanigan counters). It also enhances durability and strength, allows access to the Bleed, and various other sense enhancements. The Gold Watch gives him the ability to time stop. The Speaking Gun allows him to kill anything via unmaking them from existence. Spaceracer's Gun allows him to blast holes in high end Class 100's (and even blast a hole through a planet).

    Krypto (9):
    -Mind transfer with any fictional character -General Zod (3)
    -Kakugane XXX (5)
    -Empowerment of the Triangle of Light - Templar Version (9)
    -Invisibility Serum - Threeboot (3)

    Clark's faithful hound's mind has been replaced with General Zod, who's well versed in Kryptonian powers and abilities. He's been granted the power to create 30 clones of himself, all on the same level of power as the original. The Triangle of Light empowerment grants more durability on top of teleportation, energy projection, and other powers. The Invisibility Serum grants him invisibility, obviously, but also keeps him undetected by psychics.

    Dr. Light/Kimiyo Hoshi (8):
    -Angelus Symbiote (7)
    -Silver Torc (7)

    Kimiyo's Light powers, rusty though they were (still able to beat Black Lantern Arthur Light) are now enhanced even further with the Angelus symbiote, which enhances her strength and speed to rough Spider-Man levels, gives various light based powers, sensing, dimensional dumping, Angelic warrior summoning, and a few others. The Torc further protects Kimiyo from pretty much all things esoteric (reality warping, magic attacks, time stops, dimensional energies, etc....) while giving her far expanded senses, stealth capability, and further enhanced strength/durability.
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    Classic Dr. Strange (37)
    Consumption of Space Whale Seasoning: Super Speed Default (DC) 9
    Book of Eternity (DC) 9
    Hollow Symbiote (Charmed) 9

    Dr. Strange has, admittedly, not been himself lately. This is not that Dr. Strange. With the Book of Eternity- a mystical tome with power enough to give a normal human magical ability enough to cause Etrigan issues- now in his possession, his already considerable magical ability gets a nice boost, and his already impressive auto-shielding gets an even nicer boost. In addition to this, he has been gifted the Hollow Symbiote, an entity that voraciously consumes magic in a bid to make itself more powerful, while allowing the "host" to use said abilities. With this, Strange's protection from enemy magical attacks is complete.

    For a bit of spice, he's also been given Superman level reaction/movement speed.

    King Fantomex (32) - LEADER
    Edward Clariss' Hard Water Formula (DC) 10
    Super Skrull Power Engineering: Hellfire Club 1 (Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Sunspot, Viper) 9
    Midnighter's Combat Computer (Wildstorm) 4
    Kick (Marvel) 5

    Fantomex. A rather interesting metahuman all things considered. His mask is fitted with telepathic dampeners strong enough to shut out Xavier point blank, with illusion casting ability (self-noted as being more of a reality altering effect) strong enough to fool Xavier. Highly skilled in the arts of combat to boot, he is and was, the perfect fit for X-Force. Now... insert the telepathic abilities of Emma Frost, the ability to absorb energy ala Sebastian Shaw, the ability to manipulate Solar Energy for a plethora of uses thanks to Sunspot, and the ... venomous teeth of Viper; fit him with Midnighter's Combat Computer, allowing him to run through millions of scenarios nearly instantly, then expose him to Edward Clariss' Hard Water Formula, boosting his speed to that Jay Garrick (just shy of light speed) and then fuel inject this monster with the mutant enhancing drug, Kick.


    Karate Kid w/Cape (22)
    Mark of Caine (World of Darkness) 7
    Darkforce Cloak (Marvel) 7
    Telepathic Earplugs (DC) 2

    Val Armorr. The guy who judo tosses rushing Kryptonian into nearby solar system, shatters 80,000 tons of Ice with no super strength to speak of, and can dodge the instant death effect of speed force lightning... Fit him with the Mark of Caine allowing him to return the damage he receives sevenfold, a cape that allows him to teleport and dimension dump, and telepathic earplugs to prevent mental tampering.

    Thor (16)
    Shieldbreaker (Book of Swords) 7

    The God you know and love (Not Jane Foster!), now with TWO weapons, one of which that blocks/negates all incoming damage.

    Achilles Dovahkiin (11)
    Dragon Shouts, All (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim) 3

    The guy who's immune to death because of quantum tampering, and has some measure of superspeed that's not "none at all" ! Now with Dragon Shouts that grant intangibility, speed rushery, disarming, and a variety of other abilities.
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    Beyond Humanity

    Loki Henshaw: Cyborg Thor-El

    Cyborg Superman (DC) 10 fused with Loki (Marvel) 10 via Access Amalgamation (8)
    +Cyborg 009's Accelerator Unit (Cyborg 009) 9 (Internalized)
    +Muppet Lab's Copier ala Carte (Muppet Show) 9 (Internalized)
    + Dr. Doom's Anti-Magnetism Device (Marvel) 4
    + Enochian Angel Concealment Sigil Tattoo (Supernatural) 2
    + Mightstone (Magic the Gathering) 1
    Point Count: 53

    Cyborg Thor-El combines the partially Kryptonian-ish physical abilities, robotic body manipulation and massively powerful technopathy of everyone's favorite electronic consciousness with the Asgardian physiology, and massive mystical might of the God of Lies. On top of all this, his robotic body has absorbed/internalized a variety of fun gizmos. The Accelerator unit will be combined with his own internal processors granting him speed-cap ish thoughts and reactions, teleportation, and intangibility. Once the copier's been integrated into his own circuits, he'll be able to rapidly duplicate himself. The Anti-magnetism makes sure that his mostly robotic body doesn't become a liability. He's also been tattooed on the organic part of his face, rendering him undetectable by any angel's magic. Finally, the Mightstone has been inserted into his body, working as an energy source for his mystical robotic body.

    Dr.Ultron: Destroyer of Minds

    Phalanx Ultron (Marvel: Annihilation Conquest) 9
    + Dr. Doom's Armour (Marvel) 8 (Fused/Internalized)
    + R. Giskard Reventlov's Telepathic Power Transferrence - robots only (Isaac Assimov's Robot Series) 6
    + Second Stage Mental Training (Lensman) 7
    + Zettabyte of Internet Data - Social Media (Real World) 1
    Point Count: 31

    This team busting robot been given a few upgrades of a telepathic nature, enhancing and working alongside his own Encephalo-Ray, putting him among the ranks of other powerful telepaths in the league. He's also been given data from a whole host of social media sites, both to utterly confuse anyone who ends up in a telepathic duel with him, as well as giving him access to a few sites with information about other fictional characters (Sites like Tumblr and Reddit). His robotic body has also been combined with the armor of Dr.Doom, adding to his durability, and providing a whole host of other abilities.

    The Manhattan Project

    Dr. Manhattan (Watchman Movie) 9 (acting as Body) fused with Mr. Fantastic (Marvel) 4 (Acting as Mind) via the Firestorm Matrix, Jason Rusch Version (DC) 9
    Point Count: 22

    Dr.Manhattan's extreme control over atomic structure, teleportation, duplication, phasing, energy control have been enhanced by the Firestorm Matrix, giving him access to highly powerful transmutation abilities as well as slightly enhancing his physical abilities. Mr.Fantastic, the smartest man in the MU, will be providing his extreme knowledge to ensuring that his transmutation works to the best of its ability.

    Walking Hell

    Behemoth (Worm) 9
    + Haki Training (One Piece) 8
    + Empowered by the Triangle of Light - Pagan Edition (Marvel) 9
    Point Count: 17
    This Endbringer is a dynakinetic, with control over all forms of energy or at least those in the Worm universe. He can redirect any energy or physical attack directed at him, as well as producing massive energy attacks. If you're planning on being within 30 feet of him, I'd cancel your plans quickly, as he can generate energy inside people from close range. He's also become a slightly smarter fighter, with a sort of ki sensing, enhanced attacks that can attack at the core of an enemy, ignoring defenses, and the ability to control those with weaker wills. He's also been empowered by a Triangle of Light, giving him further strength, durability, some sort of adaption to unusual powers, and the ability to grow.

    Homo Superior

    Cable - Full Power (Marvel 10
    + Power of Shazam- Captain Marvel Edition (DC) 10
    + Time Walker Pendant (OI) 5
    Cable alone has planetary level telepathy and TK, to the point where he's done things like read the minds of everyone in the entire world at once or genetically modify the DNA of people utilizing TK. On top of this mighty mutant power, he's been gifted the abilities of several gods, which grant him a Superman level brick package, immense wisdom and hefty resistances against magic, telepathy (not that he wasn't resistant before), and general reality warping. He's also been given the Time Walker Pendant, rendering him immune to all sorts of time shenanigans.

    CyLoki, Ultron, Cable, and Manhattan will be situated outside of the range of this aura at start, around 30 feet behind Behemoth.
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