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    when miles, jane, and falcon get the scarlet spider, thunderstrike, and free spirit treatment is when things will really get messy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greywolf View Post
    To me, ANAD Marvel has its ups and downs. he main problem with it, in my opinion, is that during the months preceeding Secret Wars and on the event itself, things may have gotten a little too much new and too much different, even for a relaunch.

    The main premises Marvel seems to be pursuing here are both change and diversity, and I'm up for that, really. I am enjoying Thor more than I have ever done in years...but the sheer amount of changes and above all, the forced introduction of a truckload of diverse characters to replace already existing ones, has altered the Marvel Universe to the point it is no longer recognizable.

    Suddenly we have not only a female thor, also a black captain america, a girl wolverine, an asian teenager hulk... It seems Marvel wants to have some medal pinned to their chest recognizing how diverse they are, and thats not the way to do it. You can't just take all of peoples favourite characters and replace them all at once.

    Would it be that hard to create new characters or make others like Amadeus Cho, interesting/marketable, and give them a series of their own??

    To me thats the main problem with ANAD. Changes and replacements way too forced to feel natural or comfortable with.
    Most of those diverse character replacements were before ANAD.

    But the argument is still current. Why go so far to diversify all of a sudden like that? Yes, the White-male dominated stereotype has lasted a long time and contradicts reality as far as what would have happened in the MU if diversity were applied right from the start. But do we discard the stereotypes out of hand in the year 2015? Do the stereotypes have a lingering racism associated with them that requires there be a unilateral reversal of the stereotypical trend in one fell swoop in 2015? Political correctness tends to be represented a lot now in popular culture, as a sort of penance for past perceived wrongdoing. The 1960's represented the typical American in movies and TV and comics and magazines as the Euro-American, and we see that as being exclusively promoting one racial group over the subsequent mixed racial content of the country. Now, in this day and age, it is popular to have readers identify with their experience of people and places. That can be strongly identified with the new Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, who is a new character. But to wholesale replace the racism of the characters born in the 1960's, seems to have gone a bit overboard, but, it would be an appropriate time to do it in this big a relaunch like ANAD. It isn't really a reboot, but, the characters are given a brand new day type magic elixir where all the troubles of their previous dramas disappear, and they find themselves at a more pleasant place than they did pre-Secret Wars.

    What is the fallout for our poor racism characters of the 1960's? They are marginalised as irrelevant in a time of new beginnings much like how the MCU treats characters. Some racism characters can't survive in the post Secret Wars environment anymore, and if ANAD continues as a successful experiment, those ancient characters could slide into anonymity. It depends on how well the replacements work.
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