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    Default Shelf Life: I Wielded the Power Cosmic!

    Ron Marz pages through the recent "Cosmic Powers" trade paperback, collecting Thanos-centric stories he wrote more than twenty years ago.

    Full article here.

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    It's funny during the 90s I loved Legacy, Havok and Gambit with their head sock. Now it confuses me. What is it's purpose? Is it based off of a real thing? Who was the first hero to wear one? These are the questions that plague me as an adult.
    How about Alex?

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    Love the story (hate the Terrax issue's art though =/) and I love that period of Marvel Cosmic and Ron's stories...

    Great article, it was a nice insight piece about some cool old stuff =P

    I'm glad Marvel's reprinting these books, they deserve to be revisted, particularly in light of the dire state of Marvel Cosmic right now...

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    Those books were absolute magic! Like Mr. Marz indicated, it's easy for anyone to focus on imperfections while looking in the rear view mirror, but the pluses far outweighed any negatives. What was apparent from the writing was his enthusiasm for the character. I also think I share the writer's enthusiasm for the character Thanos. He's right next to Doctor Doom to me in terms of all time greats.

    Just had to throw this out there, but....if I could afford it, I would pay Mr. Marz to come back and start another ongoing for the Silver Surfer. Always loved his perspective on ole' chrome dome! Several of my favorite Surfer stories were written by him.

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