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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinism View Post
    Actually, the UN gave the land to Magneto to rule, which is about as legitimate as you can get.
    Not going to talk too much about the idea of the UN having the power to "give away" anything, or the fact that it was Genosha, more former war zone and slave state, than island at that point. When I say "legit" and "accepted" I'm not talking documents (but that could be argued as well). I compared it to Latveria for that reason. Latveria is a legit country ruled by Doom. It's recognized and respected so much the Avengers and SHIELD (world police!) think twice about launching missions on its soil in fear of igniting an international incident (sometimes...). I'm saying Magneto never got that level of respect. If Genosha had survived to this point, do you thing there would trade agreements? Currency exchanges? Not saying the Inhumans have reached that level yet, but from what I saw in AN Ihumans#1 they seem to be on better terms with the greater world (still a bit wobbly) than Magneto, a known super-terrorist, ever got while controlling Magneto. Again, not saying it makes sense either. This isnt a organic development, but it can reasoned away and rationalized through the 8 month gap. It's obvious Crystal is up for playing the mutants as the aggressors. But I'm kind of over arguing if the world respected Magneto's sovereignty of Genosha truly or not. Agree to disagree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kumiho View Post
    Hah. You underestimate the Power of the Dark Side! (Which is a Disney owns rights to both reference, and will do as they please)

    Tyke IS the REAL CYCLOPS! And no, I'm not corroborating. But what it comes down to his an overhauling retcon in the diminishing and defamation of the X-men in general. The prolonged existence of the O5 out of their timeline creates a quantum paradox. If they , and with themTyke never return to the past then that undoes the current timeline Cyclops, and the rest of the O5. If the originals are removed and reinvented then it debases their futures selves, as well as the future of all Mutantkind via the impact they should have had on their future teammates and the world as a whole. Thus the. 616 Cyclops we know as the "Real" Cyclops, is a paradoxical illusion meant to fade into no existence .
    What??? you know what I’m sorry as much as I hate him and I do a lot to say Tyke is the REAL one complete and utter *&%&^$&^$* imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoeWithoutFear View Post
    The entire O5 are kinda demeaning to the rest of the Marvel fiction as well as us as readers. But, y'know, that's just my opinion ;-)

    Bringing them back was a bad idea. Making 2 of them wildly different than their original characterization for no good reason was even worse. Keeping them around indefinitely? I think it will eventually go down as one of the worst Marvel decisions of all time. Again, just my opinion. And I plan to give ANXM at least 2 more issues worth of a chance.
    To be honest I think that Marvel kept them around because ANXM under Bendis was selling ok granted it’s a *&%^&% up big style because of BOTA and then all the changes but hopefully sometime soon they will send them back please Marvel send them back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sardorim View Post
    He is Public Enemy #1 yet again because he tried to hold the Inhumans accountable like the Scarlet Witch.
    The Inhumans are not accountable. Black Bolt is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyriVerse View Post
    The Inhumans are not accountable. Black Bolt is.
    All Inhumans ar that lived in the city at the time as they knew that Black Bolt hoarded the mist and supported it, they also support the Mist's release because "they trust their King". Medusa doesn't even have hard feelings over the Mists stuff, just that he didn't consult her first and she understands that he did it for good reasons.

    Not to mention that after the Mists are revealed to be killing Humans and Mutants in droves, and making Mutants sterile, the Inhumans did the whole "Not my problem" thing and didn't even care to TRY to find a cure until Frenzy makes an exchange with them.

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