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    Default How to research undocumented printer/bindery errors - anyone have a clue?

    Here is the issue I have encountered. Appreciate any insight I can get. There are plenty of “documented” printer/bindery errors and variants, such as the original color misprint on Fantastic Four V1 #110 and any of the 30 and 35-cent Marvel price variants. The question is how are those “documented” in the first place and/or who “documents” them? I have two “undocumented” errors that I have been unable to find any info on and I have serious questions about the scarcity of a known price variant.

    Does anyone have any idea who to contact or where to search to get information on something like that?

    I decided to toss in an example of what I am talking about. I have a copy of Strange Tales #113 that was assembled with the stories out of order. So far, this is the only copy of this I have seen or heard of. This comic has three stories. "Torch vs Plantman"; "Search for Shanng"; and "Shoemaker's Strange Assistants". In the normal copy, the stories are placed in the book in that order. In this copy, the Shanng story is inserted first, then the Shoemaker story, with the Torch story last. Basically, the wraps were assembled in the wrong order at the bindery. Normally, that would totally screw up the readability of the book but, in this case, since the Torch story takes up exactly half of the comic, it did not. You can read this comic and never know it was out of order. That means there could be plenty of them out there, just no one knows it. Only reason I caught it, is that I am a comic person so, when I opened the book and saw that the first page was an ad (which is never the case), I thought it was missing pages. Took me a while to figure it out. I checked the staples with a magnifier and they appear to be original, so does not seem the comic was altered later. (Why would someone do that anyway?)

    I posted the cover below, followed by the first page inside the cover of the error copy followed by an image of the first page of a normal copy. So, the question is to who or to where do you go to get any info on something like this?

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    I don't have any answers, but that's a good question.
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