Two sets of siblings (kind of) coming out of rather dysfunctional upbringings (oh yes) chatting about matters in pairs.

There are a couple of Industrial Anti-Violence Field Generators running in the background, but they are muffled/low-frequency enough for normal conversation.

One Dr. Quinzel is taking notes

How do the impromptu Group Therapy sessions go for:
  • The Nice Ones: Adora and Zuko
  • The Clever Ones: Catra and Azula
  • The "Favorites": Adora and Azula
  • The Scapegoats/Examples: Catra and Zuko
  • The Mommies: Shadow Weaver & Ursa
  • The Authority Figures: Lord Hordak and Fire Lord Ozai
  • The Perky Female Fandom-Swears-They-Are-Love-Interests: Scorpia & Ty Lee