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    Default Lu Bu vs Sasaki Kojiro vs Jack the Ripper vs Raiden Tameemon

    The human fighters of the Record of Ragnarok manga step into the ring together to see which among them is the strongest.

    Adam is not involved in the fight due to the massive speedgap, but he will be off the the side commentating

    Bonus: They sit and Talk.

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    Assuming they all get their Valkyrie weapons?

    Lu Bu is the most destructive, Sky Splitter is ridiculous.

    Sasaki is the most skilled but his adaptive learning things seems a bit inconsistent.

    Jack is the best at improv and using environmental things to his advantage but I doubt he'll be able to get that far under Rumbles conditions.

    Raiden is the strongest in raw power, maybe? But he seems to take a while to get going.

    I feel like, if Lu Bu just begins with Sky Splitter then he should win this? Maybe Raiden is still standing but he can't really do much against Lu Bu's superior hitting power and range.
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    What I read of it (had to stop, as parts of it were too depressing), gotta give it to Lu Bu. If not for Thor's OP weapon getting stronger, Lu Bu would have won. And that was just in terms of raw power. His sky splitter (weird way for him to hold his halberd, to be honest) is the cherry on top.

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