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    Default Looking For app for tracking HC and TPB info

    I'm looking for an app that will help me track my HC and TPB collection. I found goodreads and comicgeek and both look like they are ok for adding each book to a collection, but what I really want is an app that can tell me how much I've read. It could be pages or issues or whatever but I'd like it to track some of those other things and not just be a list of all the books I own.

    Does anyone having anything they use currently, even if it doesn't exactly fit what I'm looking for?

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    I've been very happy with CLZ Comics app for iPhone and Android. Scan the barcode of the book in the app with your smartphone camera and it's added to your collection. It's normally $15 but on sale for $10 until December 20th. Check it out:

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    I've been using an app called Book Catalogue on Android. You can also scan each book by the barcode and it inputs all the information and is very useful. Best of all, it's free!

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    I have an excel sheet, but it is a pain, a decent app would be good. I'm going to check out the ones mentioned here.

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