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    Quote Originally Posted by Holt View Post
    I want to see someone do a mini-series explaining how Maz got Anakin's lightsaber.
    That would be really interesting- I liked what I saw of Maz from the movie.

    Definitely want a Kylo Ren series (mini or ongoing), and I agree with a previous post saying that we should get a series set in current time with Rey, Fin, Poe, Chewie, Leia etc.

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    1. spoilers:
    At some point they need to show Luke's attempt at training Ben Solo and other potential Jedi
    end of spoilers
    2. A Finn series that explores his and other Stormtroopers training.
    3. I'd love a new X-Wing game and comic series featuring Poe Dameron and Black Squadron.
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    A Phasma series would be welcomed, it allows the development of her character considering there was next to none in TFA.
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