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    Secular Talk
    Rational National
    Humanist Report
    Jimmy Dore Show
    Jung & Naiv (German)
    Aufwachen! Podcast (also German)
    Nachdenkseiten (also also German)

    Screen Junkies
    Kevin Smith
    Occasionally Joe Rogan, depending in the guest

    Otherwise, the usual stuff, trailers, music, old movies and TV shows, British comedy TV like Graham Norton, QI, Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You, Mock the Week, Big Fat Quiz, etc.
    #ProtectJulian #FreeChelsea

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    Mostly random/interest of the day stuff, but regular new episode viewings currently are:
    -Game Sack
    -Chris McFeely's "Transformers: The Basics"
    -Hooded Cobra Commander 788's weekly vintage G.I.Joe toy reviews
    -Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
    -Mr. Nightmare

    And depending on the subject, I've been watching more of "Comic Tropes".
    I used to watch more "Game Grumps" when they did more vintage games, but now I'll just watch their Mario Maker 2 episodes.
    And I'll watch most of MasakoX's and Dragonball Abridged videos.

    I also find Mermaid Melissa's channel very relaxing.

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    Achievement Hunter mainly.

    Though lately, I have been looking up things like "Rugby Player reacts to NFL's Biggest Hits" and "Brits react to NFL".

    Lets just say, their assumption that American Football is just Rugby with pads is VERY quickly changed. And the reactions are hilarious, "He's dead! He's dead!"

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    All sorts of stuff. As older generations of bands and musicians gradually get to grips with and accept that their music is being constantly uploaded onto the site, many have started their own extensive, official Youtube channels. This has led to absolutely MOUNTAINS of music becoming available. Seriously, some band's entire discographies are now available at the touch of a button. That's just awesome.

    It also helps me keep in touch with various football/soccer leagues from around the world, especially the Americas. I regularly watch highlights of games from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and, yes, the USA. Major League Soccer has a really strong Youtube presence.

    I've got to admit, I do enjoy the Angry Video Game Nerd too. There's load of other stuff I'll probably remember the second after I post this as well.

    Oh yeah, there's also a Youtuber called That Star Wars Girl. I'm not really interested in Star Wars anymore as the Force has died in me so I can't say I watch her content regularly. However, she's honestly the spitting image of a girl that I used to go out with. The first time that I saw her on Youtube, if you'd taken away her American accent, I'd have sworn that my ex had somehow developed some kind of Star Wars obsession later in life. They look SO alike although my ex would be significantly older than That Star Wars Girl now.

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    I look back at my answers from 2014 and there is only one I really watch anymore and that is Jeremy Johns. I flip on Angry Joe once in a while, but he just whines and bitches so much anymore.

    Now I watch:

    Funhaus - I love almost everything these guys do

    John Campea - John just give you his honest opinion on movies and TV without having to worry about a big boss looking over his shoulder. I used to watch Collider for movie talk but once John left and Schnepp died it became all about the Shmoedown and Kristian Harloff pretending he is Howard Stern and the whole channel sucks now.

    Professor Thorgi - Great comic book talk and reviews. He hits the problems with the industry so on the head.

    Inside Gaming - Short daily gaming new from the guys at Funhaus

    Girlfriend Reviews - A funny concept that comes out once a week and is fantastic

    Merphy Napier - She talks and reviews books mostly fantasy and stuff like that.

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    Nando v movies for his one small change to popular movies
    Passion of the Nerd for his analysis/reviews of Buffy and Angel.
    Beau of the fifth column for his political/historical insights.
    Lessons from the Screenplay and Just Write for interesting writing advice.

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    Based on my subscriptions and recommendations:

    Video Essays and Movie/TV reviews:

    Renegade Cut
    Nando v Movies
    Captain Midnight
    HiTop Films
    Just Write
    Philosophy Tube
    The Take
    Rant & Bollox (kinda bored with their stuff now though)
    Double Toasted
    Chris Stuckman (sometimes, don't really watch reviews anymore)
    Jeremy Jahns (same as Chris Stuckman)
    Screen Junkies/Fandom Entertainment
    New Rockstars


    A LOT of lofi hip-hop/jazz/instrumental/OST mixes
    BBC Radio One
    Anything else related to musicians I like


    How it Should Have Ended
    Honest Trailers
    Screen Rant's Pitch Meetings
    Comedy Central/UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midvillian1322 View Post
    ...Comics explained/ Comicstorian...
    I like his content. Solid pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blind Wedjat View Post
    How it Should Have Ended
    This is the only thing I watch regularly, other than random music videos, and occasional animal videos. I love HISHE stuff.

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