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    Default Lucifer 15, with John Constantine

    I'm posting here because I really actually enjoyed this, the DC threads don't seem to care much about 'Vertigo'/now 'Sandman U' titles, and because it seems to me this is far more an indy title than DC... and because I think it's likely to be more enjoyed by indy readers than than mainstream.

    First new use of John Constantine I've felt true to the character, good characterization of Lucifer as well, and the twists are well set up for the ending to make sense. It looks good, different but good and reads well. Recommended for those like me, mainly interested in non-mainstream comics. Anyone else read Lucifer 15?
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    I read it and i thought it was good. I don't normally read Lucifer or House of Whispers but i thought I'd give it a shot. I tend to stick to Dreaming/Books of Magic.

    I'm enjoying Hellblazer.
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    I'll have to check this out since i didn't know Constantine showed up in it.

    And I agree - i think the new Hellblazer book has an authentic feel to (ala the old Vertigo series). My only qualm is that he's being written slightly incompetent rather than as the full-on Constantine of old (who would've known the Blake backstory rather than not). But otherwise the tone is miles better than the Constantine that was reincorporated into the DCU.

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    I will check it up. Is this the new lucifer series?
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    Quote Originally Posted by chongjasmine View Post
    I will check it up. Is this the new lucifer series?

    Two years ago they started the Sandman Universe imprint over at DC. Lucifer was one of the launch titles.

    Later on they added a Constantine title and another series called the Dreaming: Waking hours.

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