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    I'm thinking foreshadowing, especially with the promo Marvel has up for Issue #3. Though dang, as if some 90s X-men wasn't a nostalgia trip already, those movie posters in the background sure were a treat

    Oh my gosh, Jubilee just looks super cute on her date with Jono! Good to finally see some sweet romance for our girl, even if a trip down the alley was a classic 'not to do' horror trope I especially loved all the people checking out the youngest X-gal and her new beau, boy I bet the tabloids are going to love that bit of gossip ;D

    I just subscribed to the series, here's hoping it doesn't disappoint. As a first issue, it sure was fun. Including a southern belle getting very literal with her Second Amendment rights, XD.

    I'm glad we only have to wait another couple of weeks for the next issue, as I can't wait what with that cliffhanger!
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