I'm from eastern Europe and generally speaking:

a) Everyone knows Batman, I'd say that he is #1 here. Thats mostly due to Burton movies that were eventually followed up by Nolan's trilogy, I think. Another reason I'd say is that Batman feels "less american" than for example Superman (whole "American dream" thing here doesn't work, some find it even patronizing, same for Captain America) or Spider-Man (high school, world outside your window. These things aren't that appealing to us since our world is a bit different and we don't get as attached). Batman on the other hand is rich guy beating the crap out of bad guys, you can "see" that happening here too.
b) Spider-Man due to being kid friendly and cartoons.
c) X-Men due to movies and cartoons.
d) Superman, everyone knows him but not many actually like him. Doesn't help that by the time we got those old Superman movies they were pretty dated and looked ridiculous to lots of people.
e) After that its mostly a mess where it would be hard to distinguish who is more popular.

But all of these are beaten by Donald due to cartoons and being kid friendly.