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    Question Writers, Styles and What Makes a Marvel Comic Book/Story Good or Bad?

    One thing that has always been the core of any comic is the story. It is the story and the way it is played out and flows what makes a comic worthy of being one of the greats or left to the .25 cent comic bins in LCS. Allot of Factors go into a story, but the main one is Mostly the Writer! Like a Director of a Movie or the Author of a book, if a Comic is a Win, Lose or Draw, it usually comes down to the writer. Yea other factors, namely Editorial Mandate and Art Style also do determine a story's success, but usually it mostly falls on the writer.

    This has always been my most curious question then when it comes to writers and their level of success and is the core of the question to this thread:

    What by YOUR Fandom, Logic, Critical Thinker and Standards makes a Good Writing Style for a story?!

    In other words, what does a writer have to do to make a story, character, flow, world-building, etc. into a story that works for you? Also, what are some of the Stylistic Differences between writers like Hickman, Bendis, Soule, Claremont, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Robinson, the list goes on that either works or does not work for you in making a story work or not? What is their style in your opinion and why does it work and not work or is just ok when telling a Marvel story by their style?

    This has always been a curious question of mind for sometime and I wonder other Fan's views of this in what makes a good writing style, fans opinions of writers styles and what elements truly DOES make a Long Lasting Epic story and what does not in those writing styles.
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    What makes a good story:

    Like the TF2's Medic would say: "I have no idea".

    What makes a bad story:

    - Using characters as plot bombs.
    - Dragging a character through the mud to push and prop another character.
    - Turning a character into a hypocrite.

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    What by YOUR Fandom, Logic, Critical Thinker and Standards makes a Good Writing Style for a story?!
    I am unable to answer this in the way that you ask, so I'll answer it in my own way;

    Peter David good writing style. I endorse another Hulk run and Rick Jones Captain Marvel run written by him.
    Mark Waid good writing style. I endorse another Ka-Zar run written by him.
    Warren Ellis good writing style. I endorse another Excalibur run written by him.
    Doug Moench good writing style. I endorse another Luther Manning Deathlok, Shang-Chi Master of Kung-Fu and Marc Spector Moon Knight run written by him.
    Ann Nocenti good writing style. I endorse another Daredevil and Longshot run written by her.
    John Marc DeMatteiss good writing style. I endorse another Johnny Blaze ghost rider and Kaine Parker Scarlet Spider run written by him.
    Roger Stern good writing style. I endorse another Dr. Strange run written by him.
    John Byrne good writing style. I endorse another She-Hulk run written by him.
    Jim Starlin good writing style. I endorse another Adam Warlock run written by him.
    Gregory Wright good writing style. I endorse another Silver Sable run written by him.
    Kurt Busiek good writing style. I endorse another Thunderbolts run written by him.
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    Can't really say until I read it. Something can stand out in a story that bothers me, when in another story it barely registers.

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    It's really hard to answer what makes a comic good beyond 'makes coherent sense', because everyone likes different things, and anything can be done well, or done poorly. One story can do something that involves, i dunno, a character doing a heel turn and it will be awful, but another can make it really interesting.

    bad is easier because there are some flaws that seem to crop up over and over, like plot holes, unrealistic/cliched dialogue, telling rather than showing, over reliance on coincidence to move the plot forward (this is a pet peeve of mine. I don't mind the occasional coincidence, especially if a coincidence gets characters INTO trouble, but if it gets them OUT of trouble it annoys me and feels like a cop put)

    but again, there are exceptions to most bad things where they can actually be made to work, so... *shrug* I know what i like when I read it.

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