I'm very heartened by the fact that the first batch of new threads on the forum are 'Appreciation' threads as it shows a lot of folks like the positive new direction. Posting anything that isn't 'appreciative' in those threads will be considered trolling and trollers will be permanently banned first time out, no warnings given.

That being said, please feel free to start threads that *do* allow for differences of opinions, but be mindful of the new forum rules regarding behavior on the forums. If you are not contributing to the discussion in a meaningful fashion, either by derailing threads, repeating the same opinion ad nauseum, or poking those with opposing views with sharp verbal sticks, you will be banned.

I cannot stress enough - this does not mean you cannot have a negative opinion on a subject. You just need to express that opinion in a mature fashion and not beat people over the head with it. If you dislike something (or even if you like it), please provide sound reasons for your opinions and discuss it in a civil manner.

To further clarify - An 'appreciation' thread is a place to go to post positive things you like about the subject, be it pictures, discussion, etc. However, what an 'appreciation' thread is not? It's not a refuge or an excuse to post entire discussions on comic book issues or previews and the like without opposing opinions. For example, a five page preview is released for a book and you like how a character is portrayed in a panel or two, feel free to toss them into the Appreciation thread. You want to discuss the entire preview? Make a new thread about it and an open discussion will follow.

Also, we know images are important in sharing appreciation for characters and to make observations. However, to keep load times speedy, we request that you please limit image sizes where possible. In general, if it's so big that we have to scroll down to see the whole image, it's too large. For example, a cover image probably doesn't need to be big in order for people to see it/remember it/understand it, and probably could just as easily be linked to instead of embedded. However, a page where you're trying to showcase dialogue or minute artist details would need to be big enough to make those items readable or viewable.

We as moderators may shrink or remove images and may send out reminders should large images be a continued problem.

Appreciation threads are not a private members only club to exclude people with opposing opinions from expressing their viewpoint, and there will not be two separate threads, one for people who liked Issue 30 and those who want to discuss it with all points of view. This forum will not be segregated in such a fashion.

Also take note of the rule that says do not use 'discussion,' 'thread' or 'official' in any thread titles. I've had to edit a large number of those today as we settle in, but if folks continue to ignore this rule, warnings will be issued (believe me, I don't want to issue any warnings!)