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Didn't Rip say something like the further back in time you go the worst it is on your body? Could be that the human body can't survive a trip going back that far.
Another reason would be there's no way to know how much Savage has influenced human history and there could be major changes if he suddenly disappeared from history. Operating from the shadows he could have suggested the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (which led to WWI), whispered into Emperor Hirohito ear to bomb Pearl Harbor (prompting the US to enter WWII), or gave Lee Harvey Oswald to kill JFK.

He also could have encouraged Leonardo Da Vinci to pursue an art career, steered Edward Jenner toward a small pox vaccine or secretly back Alexander Graham Bell in his telephone invention. Erasing Savage could cause none of these events to happen completely changing the course of history. It could even most of the heroes to not exist at all. Savage must survive past 2016 (on up to Hunter's recent past) at least to insure history remains relatively unchanged. The most the team could do is 'pull the teeth' on his world dominating plans in hopes of weakening his power for a future conquest.