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    I don't like Matt Ryan's Constantine much but I really don't like that the article referred to the series as being about Constantine and his Legends. Season 4 was a major step down from the previous two so the more they move away from the magic-focus of that season, the better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilan Preskovsky View Post
    This has definitely been my least favourite season since the first. Too many new main characters and none of them really work for me. I would keep it to Sarah, Ray, Mick, Zari, Ava and Nate with Nora and Gary making recurring guest appearances. Maybe keep Charlie because, though she hasn't really made much of an impact yet, that might just be due to the crowded cast as it is now. Mona needs to be kicked ASAP and I still think Constantine just doesn't fit this show at all.

    Also, the supernatural thing is also a lousy fit for this show. That it has a bunch of superheroes who seldom use their powers is one thing but this has become a time travel show with way too little time travel.

    I still have hope for next season. I still love the core cast and this show hasn't lost its sense of the absurd but this past season has been a bit of a misfire and hopefully they learned from the writers of Supergirl rather than Flash on how to course correct from some less than brilliant decisions.
    Every time they bring magic into one of these shows, it never ends well. I get that Constantine is popular and they want to use him, but honestly he has no place on a show like Legends. And their continued focus on magic and monsters just makes this show harder to watch.

    Quote Originally Posted by protege View Post
    According to the cw schedule, legends wonít be returning until 2020. So does that mean they wonít be involved in crisis on infinite earths?��
    They are supposed to be a part of Crisis; they'll probably be part of the second half after the mid-season break.

    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal Weapon View Post
    I think it's time for Legends to drop the time travel angle and go in a different direction. They should travel to different Earth's.
    That could be interesting, I'm just wondering how they'd do it. Crisis on Earth X showed they needed a massive portal generator for a time ship to breach dimensions, and Cisco doesn't have his powers anymore. Though I suppose he could develop a larger inter-dimensional extrapolator.

    Of course, if they follow the template of the original Crisis, there may not be a multiverse to explore anymore after the Crisis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate Grey View Post
    Maybe I missed something, but will they all have brand new bodies identical to the ones they had in life, or will they have to possess people?
    They will probably try to get as close as possible to what they had irl just to avoid any potential confusion.

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    Brandon Routh & Courtney Ford To Depart the CW Drama As Series Regulars

    EXCLUSIVE: DCís Legends Of Tomorrow will be bidding farewell to two series regulars during the superhero team-up dramaís upcoming fifth season, Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer/Atom, and Courtney Fort, who portrays Nora Darhk.
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