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    Default C2E2: Hudson, Todd & Massee Revisit 20 Years of "The Crow"

    Stars from the film adaptation of a James O. Barr's "The Crow" graphic novel gathered to discussed the movie's legacy in a special C2E2 20th anniversary panel.

    Full article here.

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    The Crow is without a doubt a classic and is still, to this day, my very favorite film of all time, transcending all genres. It's as if everything just perfectly came together to build this monument of a film. In my opinion, every single actor (other than Ernie Hudson/The Hand The Rocks The Cradle) in that film has given me the best performance of their entire acting carreer including; Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Tony Todd, David Patrick Kelly, Michael Massee, Laurence Mason and Jon Polito. Hell, Proyas was even able to get a decent performance out of Marco Rodriguez and that's no small feat. I dare say i enjoy it a lot more than O'Barr's own definitive version of the comic. I've been buying this film in all formats accordingly as they have come out and will continue to do so until the day a crow takes my soul away. If anyone disagrees, there's definitely nothing wrong in not appreciating this film. However, we'll just never have beers together

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