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    Quote Originally Posted by Confuzzled View Post
    I just realized this. That Harley Quinn is none other than the Joker's moll Alicia Hunt in Batman '89, hence the Veronica Lake-esque hair covering half of her face as the Clown Prince did a number on that portion.

    It's brilliant actually. Of course Alicia the Moll would go on to become the Burtonverse's Harley Quinn! She was in the same kind of toxic relationship with the Joker.
    In light of the upcoming Harley/Joker storyline in SUICIDE SQUAD, it also occurred to me that in a way Alicia is a pre-Harley Harley, ain't she?

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    I know there is a bit of hate in this thread for this but I would have been so keen to see this be done.

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    I definitely would have been game for this. Given how huge Burton's Batman films really were in their day, it's interesting DC hasn't pulled the trigger on something like this yet. Especially considering that you have people who are now in their 30's/40's that would be alot more interested/nostalgic for something like a comic based on Burton's interpretation vs something like the Adam West '66 interpretation.

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