I'd like to introduce one new manga Realm of Terracotta: Last Life, it's about adventure, fantasy, and superpower. The manga is updated on Webtoons on every Friday:

The story is set in ancient China, the warring states period. Here is the synopsis. Before the Qin era began, the land of Zhongyuan was in total chaos. The rulers of the various kingdoms were at war. Each kingdom hoping to topple the others and reign over the land.

A hundred powerful clans emerged, all of them supporting different kings. The hundred clans all have a unique ability possessed by their most exceptional member.The Meng family was the head of the Martial Clan. Their ability, Martial Spirit, gives the bearer the spirit and ability of a great warrior. However, during the reign of King Xiangzhao, the Meng family lost the Martial Spirit and has weakened greatly since then.

When Zhongyuan is finally united under the rule of Qin Shi Huang, Meng Yuan and his older brother Meng Yi were the only remaining members of the Meng family. Meng Yuan one day saves a young man named Mo Dun from the abusive Huhai, the youngest son of the Qin Emperor. Infuriated, Huhai orders Meng Yuan to be banished from Xianyang. Several years pass, and this is where the story truly begins…