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    Default Question regarding Conan Comics

    So a while back when Dark Horse owned the Conan licence they made some recoloured and edited "The Chronicles of Conan" paperbacks and digital comics of the original Marvel run of Conan Comics.

    Now I'd managed to collect up to volume 10 of these on Comixology, however before I'd got anywhere close to finishing (and even though Dark Horse did have a few big sales I never had the money for them at the time); and now Marvel owns the licence once again. Sadly it seems that their new hardback collected editions are going back to using the original artwork from the comics. Now I'm not complaining about that as I'm sure fans from the day really love the original material being put back into hardback print. However I've got a fondness for the DH reworked editions

    So I'm wondering if anyone knows if Marvel will ever put those into print or digital copies once again. Or is it the case that whilst Marvel owns the licence again, DH owns the reworked versions so they'll never go back into print (unless Marvel sells/leases the licence out). Which would mean my only chance is hounding ebay for copies every so often and crossing my fingers they appear.

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    Never say never, but I'd be surprised if Marvel ever reprinted the recolored versions. They seem committed to reprinting "their" versions.

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