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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Clark View Post
    Yeah, but Marvel did individual movies with each of those three characters and other characters that would become part of the Avengers guesting in those films, setting up their universe, and then put additional characters into the Iron Man sequel before doing Avengers, so you had 6-7 characters and 4 movies to establish a continuity, launched off of the extremely popular Iron Man film that started it all.

    DC did a divisive take on Superman with MoS and then brought Batman (the only character they have had consistent success with) and Wonder Woman into the mix with BvS. So instead of setting up a universe in 3-4 movies, they tried to do the same thing in two. And that rushing to "catch up" with marvel is what seemingly was their downfall.
    That's what I said, baby! But by "additional characters," you mean (only) Black Widow (who the GA had no concept of) in Iron Man 2. Clint got a shadowy cameo in Thor, and the GA had no idea who he was (unless they read the myriad Yahoo articles that led up to Avengers), beyond "Is he supposed to be like Green Arrow?"

    My point is that Marvel HAD to do that. They had no choice. Those characters weren't known to the world beyond readers of Marvel and watchers of the animated films. The backstories of Superman and Batman are SO familiar, it's not necessary to rehash them in agonizing detail this soon all over again.* I loved the condensed origins in MoS and BvS for both (and we got a whole prelude on Krypton to set up Zod, which made sense because he was the film's Big Bad). Plus, Wonder Woman's origin film is in the can and people know it's coming.

    *Hence why Spider-Man can pop up Jack-in-the-box style in Civil War and nobody has a problem with it.

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    I did not hate the film, but has two problems for me: the lack of emotional contrast between Superman and Batman, the two were very tense and lacked differentiates them about it (the time that Clark was more light up was when he joined the bath with Lois ). I can understand the context of the sad Superman, only that for a first meeting of both, Superman should be better featured.

    Another problem is that the first half of the film is too long, without rhythm and full of unnecessary scenes. Superman has few scenes saving people, could have used all this time in the first half for features him better.

    I do not know how they organized the script, but they should start with a list of the main features of each character, especially the protagonist, and use it as a guide to build the script.

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