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    Default Sexiest Marvel Male Supervillan

    As the superhero thread seems to be going down ok, thought I'd see what people's opinions were on villans. For when you just want a bit of bad!!!

    Note, this is for the current ANAD universe, hence why some people may be missing, but feel free to mention down below!

    No poll for this one, as to be honest I'm stumped, Marvel supervillans seem to be dwindling (at least true supervillans) and I don't think anyone would pick Blob!!!

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    Mmmmmm definitely Doctor D!!!!

    Emma Frost, Rogue, Felicia Hardy, Helena Bertinelli, Barbara Gordon, Monica Rambeau, Carol Danvers, Illyana Rasputin, Ororo Munroe, Harleen Quinzel, Dick Grayson, Kate Kane, Rachel Grey Summers, Gwen Stacy, Wanda Maximoff = PERFECTION!

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