In Rebirth, Nu52 Superman and Lois&Clark Superman are battling the being that is trying to destroy the NU52 Universe. In the battle, L&C Superman is mortally wounded but keeps fighting until he can't anymore and falls to the ground. Nu52 seeing him fall rushes to him leaving the being to begin his mad scheme.
Nu52: Don't die on me old man
L&C: Shut up and stop him
Nu52: And let you die? No.
L&C: We all are gonna die if you don't.
Nu52: You're stronger than I am because you're older.
L&C: You're strong enough. Stop him.
Nu52: No the universe needs you. And you have a son. My life has been one hell after another.
L&C: We've all had that life.
Suddenly Nu52 begins to glow.
L&C: What are you doing? Stop
And Nu52 suddenly goes up with a solar flare who's energy flows over L&C Superman healing him and restoring him. And deaging his appearance.
L&C: Stop it you fool.
Nu52: Raise your son and save the world. Tell Lois... I'm sorry.
L&C grabs Nu52 and hits him across the face and the hit is so violent the armor shatters from his body sending the nu52 shield into a rift that leads to Shanghhai. Suddenly Nu52 stops glowing as he falls unconscious at L&C's feet.
L&C shaking his head and standing up.... :What was he thinking...
He then launches himself at the being scheming everyone's doom and starts pounding on him driving him back into the void from which he came and as he disappears in it, the void closes.
L&C rushes back to Nu52 and demands, "What were you doing? I was ready to die!!!!!!!
Nu52 looks up at him and asks, "Who am I?
L&C: Damn it!