Hi everyone! My names Gil, and im running a brand new short story comic book contest over at TinyPowerComics.com
We're accepting all genres from 5-20 pages and have NO content restrictions (within good taste). This is a non-profit contest so theres a small entry fee in order to pay for printing and any extra money will be awarded as prize money!

Please checkout our website to read the FAQ and fill out the submission form. We already have one submission and you can read their comic in our submission library!

How many of you are sick and tired of being rejected, or worse, IGNORED by the big comic companies like Marvel Comics or DC Comics or Image Comics or Dark Horse or Top Cow or Wildstorm Comics?
Well i say WHO NEEDS THEM! We are all creators in our own right and deserve to have our ideas realized, recognized, and rewarded! Come to Tiny Power Comics and bring your labors of love! I want to help empower the independent creator community, will YOU be a part of that?

We will announce 10 winners when the contest is over, and theyll be printed in a collected book. But even if you dont win, your book will stay on our site indefinitely, and when this contest is over, we're going to do it again, and again!