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  • Aztek

    7 2.43%
  • Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)

    4 1.39%
  • Bane

    28 9.72%
  • Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

    64 22.22%
  • Bunker

    5 1.74%
  • El Diablo

    9 3.13%
  • Fire

    24 8.33%
  • Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz)

    44 15.28%
  • Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

    36 12.50%
  • Hawkgirl (Kendra Sanders)

    9 3.13%
  • Pantha

    1 0.35%
  • Renee Montoya

    35 12.15%
  • Vibe

    16 5.56%
  • Other

    6 2.08%
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    Default Latinos of the DCU

    I noticed DC has some pretty cool/legit Latino superheroes with tons of potential. This is a thread dedicated to them, however utilized or underutilized they may be. I decided to add images and a poll of what I consider DC's top Latino heroes (villains too), so I might have missed some (if so, feel free to post them).

    Let me start off by saying I'm excited for Suicide Squad and El Diablo!! Here's hoping he doesn't die!!

    wikipedia was a big help haha

    ACRATA [Andrea Rojas]
    AGENT 33 [Santiago Vargas]
    AQUAGIRL [Lorena Marquez]
    AZTEK [Uno]
    AZTEK [Nayeli Constant]
    AZUCAR [Veronica Lopez]
    BLACK CONDOR [John Trujillo]
    BLACK ORCHID [Alba Garcia]
    BLUE BEETLE [Jaime Reyes]
    BUNKER [Miguel Barragan]
    CRAZY JANE [Kay Challis]
    DETECTIVE ALVAREZ [Carlos Alvarez]
    EL CASTIGO [Fernando Juarez]
    EL CASTIGO [Rodrigo Gaynor]
    EL CASTIGO [Shelly Gaynor]
    EL DIABLO [Rafael Sandoval]
    EL DORADO [Eduardo Dorado Jr]
    EL MUERTO [Pablo Valdez]
    ENGINEER [Angela Spica]
    EXTRAÑO [Gregorio De La Vega]
    FIRE [Beatriz Da Costa]
    FIREBRAND [Alex Sanchez]
    FUERZA [Alexa Antigone]
    GANGBUSTER [Jose Delgado]
    GREEN LANTERN [Kyle Vasquez-Rayner]
    GREEN LANTERN [Jessica Cruz]
    HAWKGIRL [Kendra Muñoz-Saunders]
    IMAN [Diego Irigoyen]
    MIRAGE [Miriam Delgado]
    MONSTER GIRL [Rita Lopez]
    PANTHA [Rosabelle Mendez]
    P.O.W [Dominick Torrez]
    ROBINA [Isabella Ortiz]
    SIDEWAYS [Derek James]
    SUPERMAN [Hernan Guerra]
    TARANTULA [Catalina Flores]
    TAROT [Marguerita Arroyo]
    TEEN LANTERN [Keli Quintela]
    VIBE [Francisco "Paco" Ramone]
    VULCAN [Miguel Devante]
    WILDCAT [Yolanda Montez]
    WONDER WOMAN [Maria Mendoza]

    ATOMICA [Rhonda Pineda]
    BABYLON [Sofia Ramos]
    CHRONOS [Walker Gabriel]
    EL DIABLO [Chato Santana]
    ECLIPSO [Alex Montez]
    GODSPEED [August Heart]
    MENAGERIE [Pamela]
    MENAGERIE [Sonja]
    RICHARD DRAGON [Ricardo Diaz, Jr.]
    TOUCH N GO [Amelinda Lopez]
    WAVELENGTH [Eduardo Reyes]

    (1989) El Diablo #1-16
    (1994) Kobalt #1-16
    (1994) Green Lantern #51-181
    (1996) Firebrand #1-9
    (1996) Aztek: The Ultimate Man #1-10
    (2006) Blue Beetle #1-36
    (2006) Hawkgirl #50-66
    (2011) Blue Beetle #0-16
    (2011) Green Lantern:New Guardians #1-40
    (2013) Justice League of America's VIBE #1-10
    (2016) Blue Beetle Rebirth-18
    (2016) Green Lanterns Rebirth- 57
    (2018) Sideways #1-13

    (2005) Son of Vulcan #1-6
    (2006) Ion: Guardian of the Universe #1-12
    (2008) El Diablo #1-6
    (2016) Suicide Squad's Most Wanted: El Diablo #1-6
    (2017) Bane: Conquest #1-12
    (2018) Suicide Squad Black Files: El Diablo #1-6
    (2019) Dial H For Hero #1-6

    Blue Beetle Appreciation!!

    EL DIABLO Appreciation!

    Jessica Cruz Green Lantern Appreciation!!

    The Artist's Touch-Kyle Rayner Appreciation

    The Right Kind Of VIBE! The Cisco Kid Appreciation Thread!

    Green Flames Galore! Beatriz Da Costa aka Fire Appreciation!

    Hernan Guerra/Superman Appreciation!

    Lorena Marquez (Aquagirl II) Appreciation Thread!!

    Going Live!
    Sideways Appreciation Thread!


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    Blue Beetle all the way. As Keith Giffen said "Blue Beetle was a deliberate attempt to do an ethnic character that did not traffic in his ethnicity. It wasn't about being Mexican-American. It was about being Jaime."

    That's pretty revolutionary for a Hispanic character. He was just a typical kid who happened to be Mexican-American.

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    There is a list here too.
    Latino superheroes

    Characters by Nationality

    Latino superheroes
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    Not surprisingly my favorites are the ones actually most developed long term.

    Jaime Reyes
    Rene Montoya

    Sadly these two characters were given Legacy identities instead of developing and giving them their own. So later writers will and have returned to the previous version.
    -Montaya, once one of their most interesting and prominently rising characters, ended up non-existent (or dead) so they could bring back the original Question.
    And who could blame them.
    DC's obsession with Legacy always becomes a dead end. Instead of using it as a temporary tool where a Legacy is used as an arc, where the original temporarily steps aside, the new hero inherits the mantle, but to eventually becomes their own character with her own name. They just end up the other extreme, being in the way of the previous version, and are discarded.

    -Jaime similarly is struggling with the same, although DC seems genuinely trying to have him inherit the mantle, most older fans (and creators) might not embrace it, and understandably want to focus on and develop the previous version.
    The potential upcoming Booster & Beetle movie will likely be Booster and Ted, who have the popular buddy dynamic everyone loves.

    Both Jaime and Rene two of their most prominent Latino characters will always be seen as the usurpers to the Legacy roles they inherited, instead of their own, which is incredibly frustrating.
    Vic Sage & Ted Kord are great characters with great fanbase, who I am part of.
    I don't want Montoya and Reyes, characters I love, ever hated on for stepping on the toes of any previous version and ther fans.
    It's horrible.

    Two or three others who are often trotted out on these lists as being Latino representative are Bane and Rayner (and sometimes Saunders) .
    But if you look at their actual development and history in the book, you find they are not
    So it kind of bothers me when people bring them up.

    -Rayner is/was created as Irish American character from the get go, the name screams it and the character through his mom only ever identified as that.
    The years later ignored retcon was never even referenced, it didn't become part of his identity, he didn't take or add the name Vazquez to his, he wasn't ever shown to connect or identify with the culture in any way, so what makes him Latino? He's white and his dad seemed maybe slightly brown, so what? Latino is not by race alone, you can be any race, it's more a what you grew up as, or identify as, cultural, ethnic identity, which he never did or had. (Maybe the simplest most obvious way would have been if he'd just taken or added the name Vazquez to his own (Rayner Vazquez) , but why would he, it's not him, it never was, which is the point).

    I know Tom King recently championed him as DC's most "prominent Latino character" which is a wonderful intention, but looking at the character's actually history (see above) this notion is somewhat offensive. .
    Learning some spanish, doesn't suddenly make you latino. It's a horrible joke, especially if other creators don't follow up on it.
    And how do you, without adding scenes people will decry as cliches.

    If Tom King or DC are serious about this, the strongest (and easiest) way to show it, is if the character simply adds his father's name to his own, it's 's clear, it's how he wants to identify, and you actually never have to mention it again because the character did it for you. Later writers don't have to (unless they want to) fumble creating "cliche identifier" scenes, I wouldn't want them to have struggle with that. Because with one strong act the character by claiming the name has already done it for them, and shown how he wants to identify.

    -Bane - Some creators seem to identify him as latino, others seem to completely dismiss it, his origin story can be read either way. His mother was potentially Latina(name), his dad is ambiguous. He grew up however in the prison, that was his culture. In the end, being/identifying as Latino is not a developed/ing part of his identity.
    The most telling is when it came time to represent him on film the most prominent representation, as far as casting, or any reference to it, it was completely ignored as NOT part of his identity.

    If when casting to be played by a real person, it's the first thing they drop as not important to the character, then stop telling me they are Latino.

    Similarly Hawkgirl (Kendra Sanders)
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    Fire first and foremost for me! Then Vibe, Beetle and Bunker. I really wish DC would invest in Bea again. She can be an awesome, fun character with a really string power set.
    Likewise I wish DC would continue to invest in Vibe. His too short lived series was a lot of fun and really good. If not in the proposed JL of A series, then I would love to see him in Titans!

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    Wasn't there a scene in Omega Men where Kyle Rayner was praying in Spanish while clutching a rosary? If that's the writers idea of embracing his Latin background, they might as well have had him in a sombrero eating a taco.

    On a more positive note, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Blue Beetle series. Jaime's 1st series was one of my favorite comics as a teenager (his 2nd series, not so much) and the inclusion of Ted Kord will make it more accessible for older fans, and could make for an interesting mentor/protege story. Mask of Zorro comes to mind.

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    Is Hawkgirl and Vibe even Latin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFacedKid View Post
    Is Hawkgirl and Vibe even Latin?
    Kendra Saunders has some Hispanic heritage in the comics. Though the actress on Legends of Tomorrow isn't Hispanic. She says she is part black, white, Indian, and Native American.

    And Vibe is one of DC's first attempts to bring a Latino superhero into the Justice League. And yes it was a gigantic failure as the first Vibe was a walking stereotype. It's amazing how they have been able to turn the character around. The New 52 Vibe is a great character but sadly his book was short lived. Cisco on the Flash show is my favorite representation of a Hispanic character in pop culture. He doesn't have any of the tired stereotypical traits that hispanics in tv and movies usually have. He doesn't have an accent but can speak fluent spanish, he's not a former gang member, and doesn't use stereotypical phrases. like how Young Justice cartoon made Blue Beetle talk "ay dios mio hermano these vatos are tough". Facepalm.
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    (1997) Batman & Robin. Robert Swenson as Antonio Diego/Bane
    (2008) The Dark Knight. Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Anna Ramirez
    (2008) The Dark Knight. Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
    (2008) The Dark Knight. Nydia Rodriguez as Judge Janet Surillo
    (2012) The Dark Knight Rises. Nestor Carbonell as Mayor Anthony Garcia
    (2016) Suicide Squad. Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana aka El Diablo
    (2019) Shazam. Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña (Kid Version)
    (2019) Shazam. DJ Catrona as Pedro Peña (Adult Version)
    (2020) Birds of Prey. Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya

    (2001) Smallville. Tyler Posey as Javier Ramirez
    (2001) Smallville. Denise Quiñones as Andrea Rojas aka Acrata
    (2001) Smallville. Brandt Bartlett as Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
    (2012) Arrow. JR Ramirez as Ted Grant aka Wildcat
    (2012) Arrow. Rick Gonzalez as Rene Ramirez aka Wild Dog
    (2014) Constantine. Angélica Celaya as Zed

    (2014) Gotham. J.W. Cortes as Detective Alvarez
    (2014) Gotham. Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya
    (2014) The Flash. Nicholas Gonzalez as Dante Ramone
    (2014) The Flash. Carlos Valdes as Francisco Ramone aka Vibe
    (2014) The Flash. Jessica Camacho as Cynthia Renolds ala Gypsy
    (2015) Supergirl. Briana Venskus as Agent Vasquez
    (2015) Supergirl. Eve Torres as Maxima
    (2015) Supergirl. Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr
    (2015) Supergirl. Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer

    (2015) Lucifer. Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza
    (2015) Lucifer. Scarlett Estevez as Beatriz aka Trixie
    (2015) Lucifer. Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
    (2016) Legends of Tomorrow. Ciara Renee as Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl
    (2017) Powerless. Natalie Morales as Beatriz DaCosta aka Fire
    (2019) Doom Patrol Diane Guerrero as Kay Challis aka Crazy Jane
    (2019) Stargirl. Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez aka Wildcat

    [img] http://www.comics***********/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/46490.jpg[/img]
    (1973) Superfriends. Fernando Escandon voices Eduardo Dorado Jr aka El Dorado
    (1992)Batman The Animated Series. Henry Silva voices Bane
    (1992) Batman The Animated Series. Ingrid Oliu voices Detective Renee Montoya
    (1996) Superman The Animated Series. Henry Silva voices Bane
    (2001) Justice League Unlimited. Scott Patterson voices Uno aka Aztek
    (2001) Justice League Unlimited. Maria Canals Barrera voices Beatriz Da Costa aka Fire
    (2001) Justice League Unlimited. Will Friedle voices Kyle Rayner aka Green Lantern

    (2003) Teen Titans. Freddy Rodriguez voices Màs
    (2003) Teen Titans. Freddy Rodriguez voices Menos
    (2003) Teen Titans. Diane Delano voices Rosabelle Mendez aka Pantha
    (2004) The Batman. Jaoquim De Almeida voices Bane
    (2004) The Batman. Edward James Olmos voices Chief Angel Rojas
    (2008) Batman: BATB. Will Friedle voices Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
    (2008) Batman: BATB. Michael Dorn voices Bane
    (2008) Batman: BATB. Grey Delisle voices Beatriz Da Costa aka Fire
    (2010) Young Justice. Danny Trejo voices Bane
    (2010) Young Justice. Eric Lopez voices Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
    (2010) Young Justice. Freddy Rodriguez voices Eduardo Dorado Jr. aka El Dorado
    (2012) Justice League Doom. Carlos Alazraqui voices Bane
    (2012) Superman vs The Elite. Melissa Disney voices Pamela aka Menagerie
    (2015) DC Superhero Girls. Nika Futterman voices Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl
    (2015) DC Superhero Girls. Cristina Miliaza voices Jessica Cruz aka Green Lantern
    (2015) Justice League: God's and Monsters. Benjamin Bratt voices Hernan Guerra aka Superman
    (2016) Batman Bad Blood. Vanessa Marshall voices Detective Renee Montoya
    (2016) Justice League vs Teen Titans. Jake T Austin voices Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle

    (2016) Batman Unlimited: Mech vs Mutants. Carlos Alazraqui voices Bane
    (2016) Justice League Action. Jake T Austin voices Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
    (2017) Justice League Dark. Colleen Villard voices Alba Garcia aka Black Orchid
    (2017) The Lego Batman Movie. Doug Benson voices Bane
    (2017) Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Jake T Austin voices Jaime Reyes aka Blue Beetle
    (2017) Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Maria Canals Barrera voices Bianca Reyes
    (2017) Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. David Zayas voices Alberto Reyes
    (2018) Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay. Dania Ramirez voices Scandal Savage

    (2019) Justice League vs The Fatal Five Diane Guerrero voices Jessica Cruz aka Green Lantern
    (2019) Justice League vs The Fatal Five Phillip Anthony Rodriguez voices Mano

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    Tarot is one i wish they would do more with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadFacedKid View Post
    Is Hawkgirl and Vibe even Latin?
    Yeah they are both Latinos. Kendra is half Latina (it's not specified what she is though) while Cisco/Paco is of Puerto Rican descent. Both are really cool characters and are active on the DCU on TV.

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    I would LOVE to see someone revamp Gangbuster. He was such a great character but he had a pretty terrible costume. He was kind of like if Jaime Escalante became a superhero. He was the character that Vibe should have been like. Pretty revolutionary as he was one of the first good Hispanic superheroes. Jose Delgado was intelligent and handsome and didn't speak in a stereotypical way. He even had a relationship with Lois Lane. I sure that pissed off a number of readers back then. Lois Lane almost romantically linked to a Mexican American character. Scandal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Güicho View Post
    -Bane - Some creators seem to identify him as latino, others seem to completely dismiss it, his origin story can be read either way. His mother was potentially Latina(name), his dad is ambiguous.
    Pre flashpoint his dad was revealed to be Sir Edmund Dorrance (aka King Snake), who was British.

    Is Pantha really a latina? Afaik it was never revealed who she was before the Wildebeast Society transformed her.
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    Remember these guys?


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