I'm fairly new to superhero comics and in late 2014 I started looking into Marvel Comics and trying to figure out where to start.

What started this was i found a Fantastic Four Masterwork volume 1. After that i did a lot of google searches trying to find some kind of reading order or recommended story list.

Using Marvel Unlimited and the Complete Marvel Reading Order, i tried to go through a lot of the Silver Age stuff. It didn't take long to get burnt out on that style writing.

After jumping around and reading different series like Simonson's Thor and Planet Hulk i stumbled upon Comic Book Herald/ and his reading order which goes from the Marvel Knights event to the present.

I've been following his list and excluding stuff that i don't care for. I'm skipping a lot of the X-men and Spider-man stories. I just finished Civil War and reading the stuff leading up to World War Hulk (i read that event back when i read Planet Hulk) and Secret Invasion. I've also been doing a Marvel Cosmic/Thanos reading order that i love. i just finished Annihilation and can't wait to move onto Annihilation: Conquest.

I was wondering if anyone else here has tried to do this recently and how much they've enjoyed it? To be honest i had a hard time with a lot of the early 2000s material. A lot of the art really turned me off.