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Thread: Spawn

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    Scorched 12 is out now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blanks View Post
    After re-reading the Batman/Spawn collection today, and looking over the solicits for the crossover in December; I can’t help but wonder, if the Batman/Spawn story is a continuation of the continuity that was in Batman/Spawn: War Devil… or a brand new one-shot ignoring both the original DC and Image Crossovers, ��

    If it’s a continuation of just Batman/Spawn, then it would be cool if later on they do a follow up of the Spawn/Batman Frank Millar continuity one-shot.

    Honestly, after seeing all those DC variant covers, I want to see a Spawn/Wonder Woman crossover. I get crazy Spaen and Angela vibes from that potential.
    You just reminded me that I have to do my own re-read of the previous Batman Spawn crossovers before the new one comes out. The upcoming new one is its own thing though.

    I'd honestly like to see Spawn and Swamp Thing crossover as I'd think they would have a pretty interesting conversation. Heck, sticking Spawn in that environment with the different parliaments would feel like the old days when Al entered the Greenworld as I can see Al fight those freaky-looking creatures the Hunters Three.

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