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    Quote Originally Posted by People Of The Earth View Post
    People can say what they want, the ultimates were a brilliant take-on of the Avengers (at least, the two first seasons with Millar/Hitch at the helm).
    for the most part. Jan didn't fare very well, imo.

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    The whole "worthy" thing for Thor.

    Initially, as conceived by Jack Kirby, it was just a getaway thing. Donald Blake was a common man that could lift Mjolnir and get the power of Thor. But why him? Why not have any other random citizen, or even other superheroes, lift the hammer and get that power as well? So, the magic words. In theory, the power would be for "whosoever is worthy"; in practice only Thor / Blake was worthy.

    Then Simonson started his run by breaking this rule... or rather enforcing it. For the first time, someone OTHER than Thor was worthy of Mjolnir! From then on, being worthy became an actual plot point in Thor comics. We had several more characters who were also worthy, and Thor himself lost and regained his worthiness some times.

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    Nova Richard Rider and the Thunderbolts

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    Drax changes with keith giffen. Later cemented by Dan Abnett.

    The movies probably resulted in further changes that will probably define the character from here on out.

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    My choice for "Big Reinvention That Worked" would be Genis-Vell:

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    Word on the street is this is a great change of pace. I’m pretty hopeful.

    The idea of Kitty Pryde ALWAYS being a morally gray character held to a lily white context is very cool.

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    Peter David's psychoanalysis of Bruce Banner (Incredible Hulk #377, 1991).

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    Quote Originally Posted by McFarlane's Green Hulk View Post
    I haven't been caught up on Thor since the Jurgens/Romita Jr. run. I think I tried with JMS, but dropped it when the delays started.
    I don't even know if he has a human form to revert to anymore...
    Yeah, Don Blake has been gone for decades. The time limit did return when Jane was Thor though. That's how Sam Wilson learned her secret identity in ANAD Avengers.
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