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    I was in the same boat as the OP, watched the show then did some research on the comic, and after reading TONS of thread like this one(thanks to all who asked and answered!), I decided to get the following TPB:

    Already received and read:
    Daredevil: Back in black vol 1 (#1-5 2016) (gave it 3.5 stars because, while I liked the buildup, the ending was meh and I couldn't help but notice that if you were to remove Daredevil from the whole story, it would end the same way... also not a fan of the coloring,- at all -)

    On their way as we speak:
    Daredevil by Frank Miller vol 2 and 3 (#173 to 191 +219)
    Daredevil: Born Again (#226-233)
    Daredevil by Mark Waid Volume 2 (#11-21)

    I decided to skip Miller vol 1 for the moment since I read that most of that volume is not written by Miller and has alot of "meh" stories.
    As for the Waid volume, I got it right now because it was selling at it's lowest price ever on amazon so I grabbed it, but won't read it until I catch up on most of the stuff writen before and get vol 1.

    Based on all the posts I read, it seems many resent Mark Waid run, but I figured that if the guy stayed on the book for 4 years, it means it was selling, so it means it must have been good somewhere, so I'll get it too

    To be acquired as it comes out:
    Current run of Daredevil, but only in TPB form. Really glad Marvel seems to be dedicated to collecting their books in TPB format now as I gave up on the unwieldy floppy format years ago.

    To be acquired later as the budget allows it:
    Daredevil by Ed Brubaker & Mic​hael Lark Ultimate Collection book 1-2-3
    Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev Ultimate Collection book 3
    Daredevil: The Man without Fear. - maybe, still not sure it's required -

    Seems to be vanished?:
    Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev Ultimate Collection book 1-2
    I seriously cannot find these two at any reasonable price. Gonna have to wait for a reprint I guess.

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    Well, I love Ol' Hornhead, so of course, you should read everything.

    DD is interesting in Marvel history because he's been just popular/famous enough to maintain publishing continuity, but fringe enough that creators were allowed to mess with what was happening in the book in more meaningful, narrative ways (as opposed to making changes based on publicity).

    So DD has some well-defined eras within his publication history.

    I've loved the Waid work on modern DD, but it is very different from the TV show tonally. Waid's take on Purple Man is interesting, especially if you've watched "Jessica Jones" on NetFlix (which you should, now that you're done with "DD").

    Miller is, of course, the gold standard. Dark. Gritty. Ninja-y. It will all seem quite familiar if you enjoyed the show.

    I quite liked the Nocenti run. Her creation Typhoid Mary is important in DD's history, and she appears in other Marvel books. Issue 257 is one of my favorites of all time and will also seem familiar from this season.

    I want to upvote the recommendation to read "Daredevil: Yellow." It's a nice re-telling of the first several issues of "Daredevil," fills in some gaps in his history, and looks gorgeous. It's also available nicely collected. If you're TL;DR, start with "Yellow."
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    I'll just start off. Don't skip Volume 1 of Frank Miller. Volume 2 is going to start right in the middle of a story that starts in Volume 1. If you want to start with Miller, start with #168. But I wouldn't read Miller unless you start there.

    For Volume 2 (Kevin Smith, David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, etc.), I'd read it in order. Particularly Bendis and Brubaker, that flow so well together from one story to the next.

    I like Waid's Daredevil Volume 3. It's just when DD goes to San Francisco that things fall off the rails.

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    fwiw, I started with Waid's initial run in Marvel NOW! and stuck with it through the San Francisco move. It was a fine jumping on point for me. I'm enjoying Soule's book much much more though. Art and story-wise. To be fair though, I did go back and buy stories like DD Yellow, Man w/o Fear and a few others like End of Days. In no way, shape or form am I suggesting End of Days as a DD jumping on point though.

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