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    Quote Originally Posted by motteditor View Post
    Considering Janet's basically not being used at all and *other Bendis' fridging of her and a brief bit under Remender's pen) has more or less been completely unused since Busiek's time, I'm not sure you have succeeded, Mr. Waid. I appreciate your respect for the Marvel universe, but Jan's basically been completely removed from the pages of Marvel's book. Not minimizing her role would be having her as a main character in a book. Doesn't necessarily have to be ANAD Avengers -- A-Force feels like a very natural spot for her, IMO -- but she should be somewhere in which she has an actual storyline dedicated to her.
    Yeah this. Why isn't she being used in a book currently if they don't want to minimize her role in the MU? Titles like A-Force and Uncanny Avengers couldn't be more perfect fits for her.

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    Great Vision cover by Ross.

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