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    Thanks Johnrevenge, I was going to add the complaint about his treatment of the female heroes, most glaringly Wanda and Jan. The thing that annoyed me most was that what was done with Wanda has been done too many times with powerful female characters....they end up going off the deep end because of their lack of control of their powers. This happened to Jean and partly with Susan Richards when it manifested as Malice. Jan he just decided to get rid of for a while even though she was one of the best female leads of the Avengers back in Roger Stern's day. Add She Hulk to the mix, another female character he got rid of via Disassembled.

    To top if off it Bendis appears not to have read the "Darker than Scarlet" arc all the way to it's conclusion in West Coast Avengers and instead has Wanda's power up in Disassembled come out of nowhere. Well anyway, now it's been decided it was all Doom's doing even though he wasn't even on around at the time.

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