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    I wish the divide didn't exist either. But it does, so you might as well acknowledge and utilize it. That's why I support the two-Superman idea. At least for a while. At the very least then you'd have tangible numbers on which is more supportable going forward, and if any of the noise either side made really makes a difference when it comes to who's getting the product. Hell in a situation like that if it turned out the married, dad Superman cleaned house compared to a younger, single Superman, then I'd tip my hat and say the proof is in the pudding, and completely understand and respect that you're just rolling with what works better.
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    I am a very deeply conflicted Superman fan. I grew up on the Donner movies and devoured the Lois & Clark TV show but didn't start reading the comics until the Death of Superman trade. My parents didn't buy me comics and I had no money of my own to buy them myself so what was I to do. So needless to say I am a huge pre-Flashpoint Supes fan. He was without a doubt my definitive version of the character, from the "Death of" thru "Our Worlds at War" to Superman/Batman by Loeb/McGuinness and even "World of New Krypton". I loved it.

    So you could understand how enraged I was, even if I didn't care for his last few arcs before Flashpoint, when I found out DC was going to reboot the universe and wipe away all of the progress Clark had been building for years. I even had plans to quite DC all together, which by this point I had been buying nearly every title they produced on a monthly basis. Eventually I calmed down and gave the New52 a shot and for the most part enjoyed it. I didn't really care for Morrison's run on Action because it felt like it didn't mesh with the rest of the narrative they were trying to tell. He seemed more cocky there than in any other title he was featured in. It wasn't until about a year into the New52 that he really started to groove for me. Right around the same time he started dating Wonder Woman. From there on I was no longer sure who was my favorite Superman. I now loved them both.

    So, for me, I am devastated to see young Supes go but at the same time happy to see the return of the old guard. And with a family that he has wanted for so long! I am optimistic that Jurgens, one of my favorite Superman creators (writer or artist) is at the helm guiding the Kent(White) family home. I just don't have it in me to be so negative like so of you are when it comes Superman. He has learned me to be open and accepting of change, even if it might be scary at first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A Guy's Name View Post
    Right now, I'm thinking that, every time DC comics starts something and the operation of the company begins at the head office with all the editors, writers, publishers doing their thing, we should play the theme song from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

    Dennis can work in DC as SuperBoy-Prime.
    Everyone; Harras, Berganza, Didio, Johns and so on, can be the cast as the Gang runs DC into the ground with their incompetence. Would be just like the real TV show.
    Pretty hillarious, and I like the music.
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