Hello CBR friends !

My name is Yann and i'm part of the Draemdy project. We are a french start-up composed of 3 friends developing an easy-to-use app to help comic fans imagine, create and share their own advanced webcomics.

Check the screens of the app in development below :

Finding funds

In order to find funds we started our first webcomic : Bold Ru$h. It will be entirely made with the Draemdy app !

Since we are an indie project, it is really hard to get known. That's why we need the support of the comic fans community.

If you're interested into our app project, you can help us for FREE and in a few seconds.

How to help us for free ?

All you have to do is post a support message, and guess what? Thunderclap does the job for you !

It will post automatically a support message on your favorite social network (Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr) on the launch of our Kickstarter (on May 30th).

- Our Thunderclap page : http://bit.ly/1WpsVNh

We will update this post as often as we can. Feel free to ask us any question, we will be glad to answer them.

Thanks a lot for helping an indie project !

Yann (and all the Draemdy team)