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    Default Kirkman Calls "Outcast" Scarier Than "Walking Dead"

    Executive producer Robert Kirkman compares his two horror dramas and gives his new Cinemax show the scary superlative.

    Full article here.

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    I watch a lot of horror. While Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows, I wouldn't say it's all that scary to begin with. Tense, dramatic, sure. The trailer for Outcast makes the show look like something that will legit scare the high unholy sh__ out of people though. Looking forward to it.
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    I like enjoy the Outcast comics and the first episode of Outcast the TV series was great. The atmosphere, look and performances were great.

    I think Walking Dead and Outcast offer different things.

    I find The Walking Dead tense and suspenseful rather than scary.
    Outcast is creepy and unsettling.

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    Kirkman has stated that TWD is not a scary show on the fact that they went with the human drama instead. I guess he has to sell this new show somehow.

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    well that's a really low bar for scary. I enjoy walking dead, but I don't think it's even remotely scary.

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