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    Unhappy About New52 Superman(In first post)

    I thought I hated Superdad because he and DC kill new52 superman.. but what happens is. I hate SUPERMAN for kill this character.

    Now I see that I do not care his title..

    -In Justice League in 50, his clothes are broken and I continued seeing the same character, I never mind that he was superman.. It's like Dick Grayson for example, he has been Robin, Nightwing, Batman and Agent 37, no matter the title, we care about the character, Dick Grayson..

    -Years ago I liked superman.. but with time he became bored for me(unlike another heroes)..

    It was the character not the title what I liked about this new52 superman, if he had not existed I never had read Superman Comics, I had no interest in Superman when I started in new 52, like now... He was who made me want to read this comic.. No superman.

    It was unfortunate for he appears as superman and not as another hero. I'm sure if he had been another metahuman, I had been his fan

    He will not return.. He can not regain the title of superman.. and put elsewhere with his past is impossible.. At the end DC has done me more harm than I thought I did not have a nice past, he neither, and went ahead..He gave me hope..

    although I am a bat fanatic with his death I have seen that I have come to respect this character more than batman. I hope one day, find in DC or in other site a similar character.. I never thought I would like another character more than batman.

    Someone else (maybe Super Crab) think the same? The character was the important no the title?
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