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I've just read some spoilers from extraordinary issue 10
so will this glob and jean romance be a real thing ?
At first I thought it was only to be took as a joke but then they made jean saying glob was cute to logan and logan saying it was better than her and scott, are they really going to force this ting ?
Marvel why do you like so much seeing jean "paired" with some real weird guys ? I mean first dating her with hank *who will be a blue monter hairy in future) then making grot have a crush on jean and now this pairing, so will jean be paried at next with toad or Blob ? lol just no pls
Hope their "romance" keep being only for joke
Given how quickly they threw away the issue with Hank and given how quickly they threw away the potential relationship between O5 Cyclops and X-23, I get the sense that Marvel is toying around with a lot of possible pairings between these two. So far, none of it has been all that serious. And I don't see anything with Glob Herman as being more than infatuation, which seemed to be similar to what happened with O5 Jean and that Chris guy she was hanging out with in EXM #2.

I think with the O5 X-men in the future, Marvel is trying to explore these characters without the baggage they've had since the 90s. They want a single Jean Grey, a single Cyclops, and none of the melodrama that constantly plagued them, especially during the Grant Morrison run. We've seen in Battle of the Atom and Black Vortex that these two still have feelings for one another. Each writer tends to tweak it, but they don't destroy it outright. So unless there's some big retcon towards the end of Lemire's run, I don't see the relationship being nullified in any way. Being time displaced, Marvel can't do too much without completely undermining the timeline. So I think that until the O5 go back to the past, the Cyclops/Jean relationship will be an afterthought for the most part.