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    Default Keeping track of Post-Rebirth Superman sales

    As title of the thread suggests, this thread is to keep track of and comment on the sales of the Superman line after the relaunch. Whatever your feelings about the current direction, good sales are more likely to help the Superman line than hurt it in the good run.

    We we won't have the numbers for print sales until a month from now, but we do have some info on digital sales.

    Superman Rebirth #1 is the 4th best selling of the day on Comixology, even selling more than Civil War 2 #1. Other new comics of note that it's outselling are All-New, All Different Avengers, Invincible Iron Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Old Man Logan. These comics chart well digitally, placing close to Ms. Marvel when they are released on the same week, so it's fair to say that Superman Rebirth is off to a great start in terms of digital sales.

    It's placement in the digital charts, means it sold at least a 1000 copies digitally on its first day.

    If some of you are wondering how I got that number when digital numbers aren't released, it's actually quite simple. Comixology has a best sellers list which keeps track of the best selling comics on a daily basis. There are 1004 comics on the list, meaning the the 1004th comic on the list has to sell at least 1 copy to make in onto the list, the 1003rd comic the list has to sell at least 2 copies to be ahead of the 1004th comic, etc. This means the 4th comic on the list, Superman Rebirth #1 has to have sold at least 1000 copies in order to secure it's placement on the list.

    As I said, this is a good start for Superman in terms of sales. It's not the first time the Superman books have charted this well digitally, but selling more than Civil War #2, Spider-Man, Avengers, and Iron Man is an achievement.
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