As revelations and incidents are happening at a fast and furious pace I thought it might be easier to keep an ongoing discussion thread rather than reviewing each issue and then pondering and discussing it every month.

We are currently at #20 which begs a synopsis not least because it is a spoiler thread but I will place this first one in spoiler tags primarily because this is the first post.


This is mainly a flashback issue filling in the major gaps from the perspective of Laura and 'Baphomet'. The Norns turn up at Laura's house in response to a text from beyond the grave, Laura meets Cass and fills her in on the background. In many ways she trumps Cassandra's video journalism by providing her with a full on vision of what happened.

We learn Laura never actually died, the panel leaves some ambiguity as to her injuries but she at least fell into a depression once she was taken to the Underworld. As if to complete the missing pieces of her myth cycle we learn that Baphomet is an alias. Instead, Cameron was Nergal and from his apotheosis it would appear in the aspect of the 'sun in the underworld' in the form of a fiery lion.

We learn it was Inanna that technically saved Laura, it was his 'purple rain' flying that pushed her away and he who stood between Ananke and her target, before Baphomet/Nergal pulled her into the underworld.

It turns out Laura initiated the sex between her and her underworld protector, and Persephone’s mission statement is “we have to save everyone”.

Laura explains to Cass that they are about to storm Valhalla and when Cass tries to stop her she realises that Laura is a projection from Minerva’s owl. From Cass and Laura's interaction we get the first indication that Laura is still in there, as by reaching out to her she is explaining events to "the only person left that remembers me". She is portrayed as very human throughout this issue in contract to her dark and angry aspect in the last couple of issues. She has positive motivation and a humane regard for her fellow deities.
end of spoilers