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But why not just make a Capcom fighting game then? Why does someone like me have to put up with half a roster of characters I don't particularly know or care about if I want to have a Marvel fighting game experience? I don't play Street Fighter or Resident Evil or Mega Man games yet I will now be totally lost if I buy it because it would expect me to be as much a Capcom expert as a Marvel one. Besides, Marvel is huge right now, and if Capcom wants to really value the Marvel fans they should be working on a solo Marvel fighting game to rival that of Injustice! If DC can manage it, Marvel should as hell should too!
I guess because this is Capcom's game and they've been doing this franchise for years? I don't see it as that much of an issue, honestly.

I doubt they expect you to go into this game expecting you're a Capcom expert, since all you'll really need is to learn their fighting styles in the game.