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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCrab View Post
    Why can't she be both? Aren't some feminist icons heterosexual women who have boyfriends and husbands? Being a feminist icon doesn't come with some requirement that you either be a lesbian, be celibate, or date only Steve Trevor. You can be a feminist icon and have strong healthy romantic or sexual relationships with men. They aren't mutually exclusive concepts.
    It really annoys me when people say that dating Clark somehow made Diana less of a character or less of an icon or whatever. I mean, do you not have any faith in the potency and staying power of her mythos? Do you think a relationship that only lasted....what, four years or so, could damage her standing in popular culture as THE fictional feminist icon that has lasted for the better part of a century?

    How little faith these people must have in Diana, to think that her dating a man who happens to be more well known (and not by much) hurts her character. They must think she's made of glass or something and easily destroyed. I believe most of us know better.

    I read Wonder Woman's solo title while she dated Clark, and you know what I saw? The adventures of Wonder Woman. Not the adventures of Superman's arm candy or whatever. I read Diana's digital first series (which is plural, btw) and never once did I think "Wow, Clark must be proud, his little lady is doing quite well for herself!"

    You know what I saw? Wonder Woman dating a guy who was worthy of her; someone who could keep up with her and someone who cared for her, just as she cared for him. And that is something we hadn't seen since before the first Crisis. I like Steve, and Diana-Steve is what I prefer to see. But the list of men who are truly worthy of Diana is a pretty short one, and it was nice to see her with a guy who deserved a woman like her. All this hate? Does a disservice to both characters, and over what? Jealously and fear that Diana might get over-shadowed by her boyfriend? How petty. And given that she has more books right now than she has ever had before (solo title, Legends, 77, staring role in Bombshells and co-stars JL, not to mention a solo film) I dont think the fear was in any way warranted. All that stuff focusing on Diana and people got mad because Zod was the first villain in the team-up title? Forget that she ended up saving Clark's life in that arc and fought off both Zod and Faora after they kicked Clark's ass; no, Diana was clearly the lesser of that pair!

    Such foolishness.
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    the only thing that would have saved him is if he and Lois had a kid and the kid's age accelerated so that he was already 12. one of the PTB really wanted to see the son of Lois and Clark as Superboy. they even tried to make Conner into a clone of their future child in a very convoluted storyline.

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    I really wish I could find out for sure who so desperately pushed for Jon from the beginning. I imagine it had to be either Didio, Lee, or Johns, but I'd really like to know whose brainchild it was so I know who to blame for making the mythos once again an unmitigated disastrous mess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tayswift View Post
    Thor wasn't depowered, he just lost the mjolnir, and he wasn't moping around. On avengers he was pretty badass, specially when he died
    Losing Mjlonir did depower Thor, as it possesses the enchantment that that empowered him and presently empowers Jane Foster. In Aaron's Thor titles the Odinson did mope about his circumstance. He couldn't understand why he was unworthy and why Mjlonir responds differently to Jane than it ever did to him.

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