I smell an opportunity to drink contrarian soup.

Nightcrawler? Fuck Nightcrawler. A blue, fuzzy X-Men character? Wow, real original there, pal. Blending in shadows? Oh, cool power! TOO BAD HE NEVER USES IT! Mutant teleporter? Illyana laughs. She's got goth + RPG protag energy, what does Nightcrawler got? Weird feet, I sleep. Wolverine's ride or die homie? Makes sense, can't find friends his own age. Got a tail, huh? Can he whack people with it? Not really? TRASH! What's Nightcrawler wearing today? Oh. Another red vest. Cool. Circus background? Why? Cuz he's a clown?

no but for real nightcrawler is funny, prominent, wholesome, and still suffers a lot so there's no reason not to love him
except when writers phoneticize the accent